Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Will Go On Sale on Its Launch Day

On July 14, Samsung declared the Galaxy Note 7, disclosing the details of the day of its introduction. Presently, a new report arriving from South Korea says that this flagship Phablet of Samsung is going to hit every on the same day of the launch itself.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is scheduled to get released in New York and also in London and Rio De Janerio on 2nd August, will be available for buy early after the launch, reported by Korea ET News, noting the company insiders.

Samsung Galaxy Note-7
This is the first ever time in the history of Samsung that the smartphone giant will not follow its general pattern which surrounds the launch of its gadgets. Previously, Samsung used to take 2 to 3 weeks for making the flagship mobile available in the market.
Some rumours say that the organization wants getting a head start over its arch competitor Apple, which is anticipated to declare the new iPhone 7 series in September as well.
The previous year, Samsung proponent the introduction of the Galaxy Note 5 by around a month and unveiled it a pair of weeks ahead of the launch of iPhone 6 series. However, this time, the South Korean organization has asked the supply partners for stocking up their stockpile with the units of Galaxy Note 7 before 2nd August.
If they attain good outcome in providing the products, Samsung is going to have more than one and half months for selling Galaxy Note 7 with no rivalry, which is going to help the organization carry forward the achievement of its Galaxy S7 series.
The forthcoming Samsung Phablet is said to arrive in 2 CPU variants, relying on the area of sale. The one bound for India and flowing markets, will house the very own Exynos 8893 Octa-core chipsets of Samsung, whereas the second model, bound for China, Europe and the U.S. is said to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. The remaining features in both the models are going to be the same.

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