Samsung Updates Galaxy S6 & S7 Devices before Unveiling Note 7

The smartphone giant, Samsung finally delayed the launch of its all-new Galaxy Note 7. Instead of launching the Note 7 handset, the company has taken some initiative for rolling out some security upgrades for its Galaxy S6, S6 Edge+, and S6 handsets.

Different security issues recently have been found in the handsets from Galaxy S6 series, and for this reason Samsung has taken the step of updating instead of releasing its new flagship.


For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, S6 Edge and S6, the latest security maintenance release of July comes alongside the upgrades for the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices also. According to the company, the update’s size is as high as 350 MB and this size can fix different security issues of both generations of devices.

One of the flaws that Samsung targets for fixing with the latest updates is a vital error which enables some malicious programs for invading the shared memory of a handset via Jack audio service. Provided that ransom ware, malware and some other malicious programs are getting stronger day by day, OEM like Samsung must uncover the security patches launched by Google as early as possible for preventing the privacy and security of the handset users for being compromised.


Google figured out almost 11 security issues ruining Galaxy S6 Edge last year which included a flaw that could help a hacker gain control over the phone remotely. Within 90 days of being reported, Samsung fixed the flaws and acclaimed by Google for this. Presently, different reports also disclosed that in Galaxy phones, Marshmallow updates played around with stored fingerprints and passwords, which left users unable of unlocking their handsets after updating.

Although, all Galaxy devices are not experiencing these security vulnerabilities, still many are suffering now. So, your device can also belong to them. The company says that once you update your Galaxy device with the latest Android OS, i.e. 6.0 Marshmallow, your device will be unable to identify your fingerprints or stored passwords and so no hacker will be able to use them. So, it will be exciting to see how the Security maintenance update will solve the flaws in July.


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