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iPhone 7 will Release & Go on Sale on September 16, Leak Suggests

Apple iPhone 7 might have received its date of release – 2 months before it was actually introduced.
The next handset of Apple is all prepared to hit the market on September 16, in accordance with generally trustworthy leaker Evan Blass.
It had always been anticipated that the mobile will arrive in September, since Apple has introduced and finally disclosed all of the latest iPhones in the same month. However, this new leak seems to provide a clear date of their coming out – and get people ready to get into the long lines which generally form in expectation.

If the smartphone is really unveiled on September 16, then the introduction event where Apple displays it off will possibly be around before a week and a half the week of September 5.
That would create sense, since Apple wants to introduce its mobiles on a Friday, which is September 16. And the rumored date of release would come in the middle of that of the latest two mobiles, which arrived towards the end of the month of September.
Publicly, Apple has not provided any recommendation that it is going to plan an event for the all-new iPhone, or in fact that it is going to work on one. However, in recent years, its schedule has become more expected, with the iPhones to be introduced prior in September and finally made available to the public almost a week and a half later.
Previously, it has been also suggested by Evan Blass that he does not trust that the mobiles unveiled later this year will be named as iPhone 7 anyhow. According to him, the handsets of this year might be codenamed in a way which references the fact that they will mostly stay unchanged from the mobiles of last year and that the name, iPhone 7 might be delayed for the big anticipated introduction in 2017.

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