HTC 10 Deals

HTC 10 Deals
  • 12MP HDR Camera
  • 4GB RAM
  • 5.2″ Display
  • 3000mAh Backup
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    HTC Company is once again back to the market with its far better devices and one of them is named as HTC 10. The device has all the best and impressive features which really appreciated by the user. The device is in competition with many other devices but the main competitor is Samsung Galaxy S7.

    Let’s look what actually make HTC 10, a best device.

    HTC 10 has a best hardware accompanied with all aluminium body. The device has perfect curves and angles with prominent branding on the back of the device. Handset looks so lustrous with its metallic look that it really grabs the attention of the user. Firm curves of the device make it easy for the user to hold the device. The HTC Company has brought back the classic look of device in a modern handset. It is not like that the device is slim and light in weight but the device is well built and durable. The device is simply said to be Metal to Max.

    The gold and silver version of handset gives an unbelievable look. It really attracts, it has a metal outer body with headphone jack. The HTC 10 Handset misses out attractive look in dark gray model.

    HTC added one more remarkable addition to the device. The New “Boom Sound Hi fi”. The device has front as well as Bottom facing woofers with independent amp. It brings out amazing clarity, impressive sound. 

    There’s one negative point which interferes with the sound is that one of the speaker which faces downwards lead to distortion while holding the device in hand. So when the device is on the table, it brings out the best quality sound.

    Company has brought all high definition audio functions in the device. The device is supported by 24 audio bit and HD audio earphones. The manufacturer of the device has payed lots of attention to audio hardware which proves to be beneficial for those who love to plug in the device on the go.

    The HTC 10 handset has a good looking and bright screen. The device has a display of 5.2 inches accompanied with super LCD5 panel as a part of quad HD resolution. The device even has an optional RGB’s mode in settings.

    The screen visibility is less in bright sunlight therefore the handset has over brightness mode which helps to solve the problem in sunlight. 

    HTC 10 has a finger print scanner too. It doubles the feature of Home key. The button is even used to illuminate the back applications if we press it for little longer.

    HTC 10 added brand new software known as Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This is an up graded operating system which not only makes the device fast at the same also make the user to access and enjoy all the latest features and applications at its best. The device has 50 percent of Google and 50 percent HTC apps. The HTC is near to vanilla when we look at the combination of apps. As we all know that close partnership with Google, let the device to remove duplicate applications The device has key elements like notification tray, quick settings and setting app similarly like Nexus software.

    Some of the best features of HTC 10 are  

    The device has a new features which is named as Motion launch. When the user double tap on the screen. The user directly jumps to camera. This shows that how the motion feature works in device. 

    HTC connect – feature let the user to stream to other devices. The device even supports Air Play.

    Now let’s come to the most noticeable feature of the device CAMERA. HTC 10 has an impressive camera. In fact as we all know that the device has an attractive hardware and the operating system at the same no compromise with camera has been done. 

    No doubt, the device has an incredible collection of specs. The device has a rear camera of 12 megapixels with ultra pixel 2 setup. It means ultra pixel referring to large pixels on the sensor. The device even has optical image stabilization, dual tone flash accompanied with laser autofocus. The device has a front camera of 5megapixels with OIS. Pictures of HTC 10 are true to life the pics look little less punchy if we compare them to competitive devices.

    The HTC 10 claims that the device has a quick charging feature. It brings the dead phone to life with in 30 minutes of quick charging. HTC even claims that their device has a long lasting battery life. The device will be remaining approx 50 percent of battery life if the user works on LTE throughout the day.

    In all, the HTC 10 has all the favourable features. The device is in competition with Galaxy S7 Edge. HTC 10 has all the high end features which really attract the user. The camera and the updated software added outstanding features with many more add on. Then why to wait for, Go and Grab the best device from shelves.

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