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Nokia 8 Vs Galaxy S8 Review: Which Is Better?

Nokia 8 Vs Galaxy S8 Review: Which Is Better?
Do you think that Nokia has really done enough with its upcoming flagship device to dethrone Samsung, the current smartphone giant?  Take a look at the below comparison then. Nokia 8 Vs Galaxy S8: Comparison Nokia has recently unveiled its flagship device for 2017, the Nokia 8 and experts believe that it is certainly a […]

iPhone 8 Faces Challenge From Leaked Nokia 8

While the eyes of tech users are glued on Apple’s iPhone 8 which is due to be released later in 2017, it is the Nokia 8 which has been eagerly waited for by the geekerati. The presumptively titled flagship device of HMD Global, will be the high-end version of the new Finnish-designed device which is […]