Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Deals
  • 6.4″ Display
  • 6GB RAM
  • 4000mAh Battery
  • 12MP Camera
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Contract Deals
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Samsung have launched the iteration to the Galaxy Note series and this year the Note 9 gets some added functionality in the S – Pen and some of the best features around the other components of the device. Read the full review to know about the features and standard of the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung since the early days have been mastering in the top of the line devices. The devices from Samsung which featured the Bada OS had some really great features and build when compared with the Nokia’s Symbian devices. But it is the year 2018 where these devices have no values and hence we will be talking about the Galaxy Note 9 the top of the line devices focused towards the extreme users who are looking forward to the device which can easily tackle all the task till the next device is out, or even can work for the next 2 to 3 years. Today we are reviewing the same device and will inform if it is capable of tackling all the different applications that will be thrown on it in the next coming years.

Design & Build

In the typical style Samsung have given the Note 9 a lookover of a squared body. On the front we have minimal bezels on the side which are curved. On the top and bottom bezels the phone owns a bit of bezels and that is done to accommodate the iris scanning functionality and the earpiece and other components on the body of the phone. The bottom bezel is given in order to give the phone a symmetric look. The back of the device gets a better positioned fingerprint scanner, a dual camera setup, and the long living heart rate monitor, which is found on the Galaxy devices since Galaxy S5.

Build of the phone consists of premium material where on the front and back we get the Corning’s Gorilla Glass 6 protection. While the frame of the phone uses Aluminum. Overall the phone feels premium and is going to give you a great feel when it is in hand. There is another addition as the S – Pen which like always is made up of plastic. It gets inside the phone when not in use, the port is found on the bottom of the Galaxy Note 9 just aside the speaker grill.


Samsung is mastered in making displays which are going to attract a large audience. The display on the Note 9 is similar. It have got a good amount of saturation and the images on the Galaxy Note 9 looks really soothing to the eyes. The Images are crisp and also the images have a great color. The display panel used is a Super AMOLED one which comes from the factories owned by Samsung. It is a 6.4 – inched panel which offers a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels which is of a ratio of 18.5:9 and this gives an pixel density of 500+


On this line Samsung have made the phone a real performer, and if you are thinking that if this year Samsung’s top of the line device will be competing with other top of the line devices or not, then it is a Yes. Samsung have got the things right and have loaded the phone with up to 512GB of Internal Storage, while the RAM counts to a max of 8GB RAM. There is even a 6GB RAM option, the phone will come in two different setups which include an Exynos 9810 setup and a Snapdragon 845 setup. In UK we will only get the Exynos version.

As far as performance of the phone goes, you will be mesmerized by the performance of the chipsets. They are made to perform and tackle each and every game that are being thrown over the device, another thing for the Processor is that even the multitasking performance will not be hampered as it is a fast chip, and retrieval from RAM and even internal storage is quite fast and snappy. It is a device which will remain with the same snappiness even in the next coming years too. 


Galaxy Note 9 comes with a set of 12MP rear camera where one of the camera comes at 52mm which is the best focal length for taking pictures while the other one is really wide at 26mm. Both the different lenses have different aperture at f/2.4 for the 52mm one, and the wide angle one happens to have a variable aperture from f/1.5 to f/2.4. On the front we have an 8MP selfie camera which is again a really great sensor to take pictures. 

In real world the performance of the phone is quite good, and you are surely going to get mesmerized by the performance of the camera. Camera on the Galaxy Note 9 is really great and the dynamic range of the phone is at par with some of the basic digital cameras in the market. Images produced by the phone are rich in colors, and also have a good amount of contrast in them. Another thing about the camera is the manual mode, which is a great addition overall. The phone gives a real taste of using a DSLR when you are in the manual mode of the camera.


Not like the last to last year’s case where the Battery in the Note 7 were blasting, there is no such issue with the Galaxy Note 9. Note 9 comes with a humongous battery of 4000 mAh and is made to last for over a day. But as it is a powerhouse and is meant for people who will be working the day long, then the device is a real deal and will take you throughout the day without any issue, just note that the phone will need to be charged after a continuous gaming of 4 hours. So the maximum screen on time from 100 to 0% with the phone working on its top most power can be lasted with a max of 4 hours. This is a great score for a phone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a real great device, and for sure is going to be selling in huge numbers. Do note that the phone is going to be on a hype till the next Note series device comes. With the Galaxy Note 9 you are surely going to get the perks of owning a Note device, and hence you will have the fun of a S – Pen, fun of owning a large display and a real performer in terms of looks, in terms of usage, and in terms of overall usability of the device. 

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