Sony Xperia XA1 Deals

Sony Xperia XA1 Deals
  • 5″ Camera
  • 23MP Camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2300mAh Backup
Sony Xperia XA1 Contract Deals
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    The Sony Xperia XA1 is a low-price smartphone with an ultra-high megapixel count which offers 23MP stills, a range of photographic features and facial recognition. Here’s our ultimate review. 

    Sony Xperia XA1

    Sony has recently unveiled a raft of new smartphones back in the spring and the one which particularly has caught the eye of those looking for excellent photography features on an affordable budget. Don’t’ believe us? Well this new flagship device, which went on sale in April 2017, offers 23MP stills along with facial recognition at an extremely affordable price. Available at a price of £299, it is something which is rarely offered by any mobile phone manufacturer nowadays. 

    Key Features


    •23-megapixel camera
    •5-inch 1280 × 720-pixel screen
    •3GB RAM
    •32GB storage
    •2300 mAh battery


    Design And Display

    •Plastic back with metal sides
    •A smart and pocket-friendly design
    •Comparatively low resolution, but a strong display


    The XA1 comes with a 1280 × 720-pixel screen, which is totally fine for most mobile phone users. Though text is not as sharp as it should have been, your Instagram and Facebook pictures will look perfectly fine. 


    The Sony Xperia XA1 is packed with a 23-megapixel, f/2.0 camera which is definitely one of its most notable features. Being the undisputed king of smartphone camera sensors, the device comes with a Exmor-branded chip which is brilliant for the money you will pay. Other than a superfast autofocus, there is a manual mode which lets you dive into numerous settings. However, the phone has limited video modes, with no 4K. 

    Battery Life

    •USB-C charging

    •Fair but not at all a great battery life

    •Ultra power saver mode 


    The Sony Xperia XA1 definitely gives you something which you should think about since it offers features which aren’t available at such a reasonable price. While you may be turned off due to the lack of fingerprint scanner, buying the Xperia XA1 definitely makes sense.


    What is a phone contract?

    Sony Xperia XA1 Contract refers to handset and tariff plan deals sold by network including monthly allowances of call minutes, texts and internet data. In these deals you pay the handset cost in installments over the period of contract duration.

    If you opt for some upfront cost in your contract it will help you in lowering monthly premium as well as over the total contract term. Data, call or text used outside allowances in your tariff will be charged in your next month bill.

    You just have to choose your desired phone with monthly tariff plan and set-up a bill payment method, your phone will be delivered to your door as per your scheduled delivery.

    Advantages of mobile phones on contract 
    • You need not to pay full cost of handset outright, depending on the plan you have selected upfront cost might be zero.
    • You don’t need to top-up for allowances, as you already has setup limits of usages. Going beyond the limits will be charged in the next bill.
    • A free gift or cashback may be included in the deal, depending of the contract you have chosen.
    FAQ’s Contract Phones
    • Is it cheaper to get a contract phone?
      • In a very few cases via some retailers it may be possible to get a cheaper contract in compare to buying the handset and SIM card separately.
      • The main benefit with contract mobile is, it splits the phone cost in installments.
    • What do I need for a mobile phone contract?
      • When buying online, your debit or credit card will work as proof of your identity for most retailers and networks.
      • You will need to pass the network credit check.
    • Criteria to pass credit check for a mobile phones?
      • Applicant must be over 18 to get a Pay Monthly contract.
      • Applicant must have some form of UK credit or financial history.
      • Applicant needs to be on the electoral roll at the address.
      • A good credit score is required, minimum credit score depends on the network, handset and cost of your selected tariff plan, etc.

    Why are these phone contracts so cheap?

    Cheap Sony Xperia XA1 contracts

    We compare all the Sony Xperia XA1 deals, offered by networks and retailers in the online UK market. As we have found direct offers from network providers like EE, O2, Vodafone etc are rarely competitive to resellers. If you were purchasing phones directly from networks, you may be surprised by these prices.

    As resellers are reducing their cost buy purchasing phones in bulk and also working on less margins in comparison to networks, so they are able to offer such cheap deals. 

    All phones are genuine with manufacturer’s warranty and network services are directly from the providers so you need not to worry a bit about the quality. And the retailers we have compared are also reputed and well established in the market from long time.

    How to keep my mobile number?

    You can keep your number with the purchase of the phone in either method depending on your current network and the provider of the deal you want to purchase.

    If you wish to stay with your existing network, you should go for an upgrade deal.

    • Finished with your existing contract, just call the network to get the lowest upgrade price with the desired phone.
    • Compare the upgrade deals on Sony Xperia XA1 with us at the same phone; we are sure you will get a cheaper option.
    • Still the new contract offers might be better than an upgrade, so you can switch to some other network and port your number to that. A fiddly alternative is to switch with some other network with PAYG SIM and switch back to your existing network with the new contract offer.

    If you wish to switch your network, you have to PORT your number

    As the cheapest deals are always offered to new customers, so you are eligible for that. Grab the best contract on Sony Xperia XA1 with us for maximum saving. Below are the steps of porting a number.

    • Order the new phone and make sure you are happy with the delivery.
    • Ask the PAC (Port Authorization Code) code from your existing network.
    • Give this PAC code to your new network to transfer you number to your new phone.
    • Number porting usually takes 15 minutes and exceptionally up to 2 hours of time.
    • As soon as the PORT process will complete, your old contract will be automatically cancelled.

    What is a refurbished phone?

    Refurbished Sony Xperia XA1 is the devices, which were sent back due to any fault or under any exchange plan or any other authorized reason by its previous owner. However these are checked and restored to fully working condition if necessary.

    Typically they come without original packing and accessories. To ensure comfort of further users, warranty is added with them. Technically it is a used phone but it is better then bought from any random user.

    Based on condition these might be categorized as:

    • Grade A: new looking condition and no major signs of handling.
    • Grade B: may have minor scratches or signs of being used.
    • Grade C: will show signs of being used.

    With the brand new phones we also compare cheap offers of refurbished phones. We put an indicator (refurb), within the deal; if no such indicator is present then it’s a new phone.

    What is a cashback deal?

    You may have found few contracts on Sony Xperia XA1, inclusive a cashback. It can be redeemable or automatic in nature. It reduces your effective cost of the overall contract but doesn’t effect on your monthly payments. Few retailers may have shown it as discounted monthly line rental but we have shown it separately to make it clearer.

    • Automatic Cashback: as the name suggests, it is paid to you directly by the retailer at the set period of time of your contract.
    • Redeemable Cashback: it is usually higher than the automatic cashback for the same plan offered. But you need to claim it at the set intervals during your contract period. 

    We recommend you to clarify all cashback related queries at the retailer’s website, as the terms may vary for different retailers.