Sony Xperia XA1 Deals

Sony Xperia XA1 Deals
  • 5″ Camera
  • 23MP Camera
  • 3GB RAM
  • 2300mAh Backup
Sony Xperia XA1 Contract Deals
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Free Sony Xperia XA1 pay monthly deals start from £12.99 per month, best offer is on idmobile 600 mins + unltd text & 5gb data for £17.99 per month over 24 months.

Today, We have compared with 9 online retailers in the UK that brings around 496 pay monthly Xperia XA1 Black deals. And you can choose from 4 different pay monthly networks for 1 and 12 and 24 months of contract length.

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  • EE
  • iDMobile
  • O2
  • Virgin
  • Vodafone
  • 1 Months Contract
  • 12 Months Contract
  • 24 Months Contract
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The Sony Xperia XA1 is a low-price smartphone with an ultra-high megapixel count which offers 23MP stills, a range of photographic features and facial recognition. Here’s our ultimate review. 

Sony Xperia XA1

Sony has recently unveiled a raft of new smartphones back in the spring and the one which particularly has caught the eye of those looking for excellent photography features on an affordable budget. Don’t’ believe us? Well this new flagship device, which went on sale in April 2017, offers 23MP stills along with facial recognition at an extremely affordable price. Available at a price of £299, it is something which is rarely offered by any mobile phone manufacturer nowadays. 

Key Features


•23-megapixel camera
•5-inch 1280 × 720-pixel screen
•32GB storage
•2300 mAh battery


Design And Display

•Plastic back with metal sides
•A smart and pocket-friendly design
•Comparatively low resolution, but a strong display


The XA1 comes with a 1280 × 720-pixel screen, which is totally fine for most mobile phone users. Though text is not as sharp as it should have been, your Instagram and Facebook pictures will look perfectly fine. 


The Sony Xperia XA1 is packed with a 23-megapixel, f/2.0 camera which is definitely one of its most notable features. Being the undisputed king of smartphone camera sensors, the device comes with a Exmor-branded chip which is brilliant for the money you will pay. Other than a superfast autofocus, there is a manual mode which lets you dive into numerous settings. However, the phone has limited video modes, with no 4K. 

Battery Life

•USB-C charging

•Fair but not at all a great battery life

•Ultra power saver mode 


The Sony Xperia XA1 definitely gives you something which you should think about since it offers features which aren’t available at such a reasonable price. While you may be turned off due to the lack of fingerprint scanner, buying the Xperia XA1 definitely makes sense.