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What is SIM Free Mobile Phone

A SIM free phone is a mobile phone which is not attached to any particular network, without a SIM card. When you opt for a pay monthly deal you will get a handset, which is locked to a certain network, which means that you have to pay a fixed minimum amount to the network and use it for your calls, internet and texts exclusively. If you want to be completely free of any network and can also afford to purchase a new handset, the SIM free is a perfect choice of unlocked phone without any contractual agreement.

However, you will have to pay a little more than the Pay As You Go deal, because there is no network, which can offset the cost of your phone against the regular top ups. A network will trim the handset price to a little but then you are required to use them exclusively, similar case is with the Pay As You Go as well.

Benefits of SIM Free Phones

With the SIM free you are not bound to use any network, nor are you into any agreement or contract with the network. On the other hand, the SIM free option brings you a handset of your choice and allows you to make payment upfront. Also, it allows deciding on the type of SIM you want to go for in your phone.

We provide you with a number of SIM free handsets and deals, so you can easily compare their costs and details, specifications, reviews and ratings for different handsets. This will help you in a way to make a choice between different handsets available in the market.

We recommend you to consider a SIM only contract to go with your SIM free handset, as it?s cheaper than the usual contracts, because there is no SIM to pay off. This contract is a good value for your money.