Huawei Honor 20 Upgrade Deals

Huawei Honor 20 Deals
  • 6GB RAM
  • 48MP Camera
  • 3750mAh Battery
  • 6.26″ Display
Huawei Honor 20 Upgrade Deals
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Grab the Best Online Huawei Honor 20 Contract Upgrade Deals in UK!

Huawei Honor 20 for £9.99 best deal start from £33 per month, best offer is on ee unlimited minutes & text with 25gb data for £33 per month over 24 months.

You can also compare Honor 20 upgrade deals on any particulat tariff by following the link with-in offer details, or choose Huawei Honor 20 best deals by network using options below.

  • EE
  • 24 Months Contract
Use these options to view more specific contract upgrade plans of your choice.

Available Free Gifts with Huawei Honor 20 on upgrade


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What is a mobile contract upgrade?

Phone contract upgrade is the extension to your current contract with the same network provider. Upgrades are done to change a phone or tariff toy are currently with. 

Upgrades are offered by the network at the end of the contract. Early upgrades are also possible with the terms offered by the network. For example:

  • O2 allows a 30 days early upgrade.
  • EE allows 45 days before contract end.
  • Vodafone allows 75 days early upgrade.

You are allowed to choose any phone or tariff from the network as the name it is an upgrade doesn’t mean you have to opt a hire model or tariff, you can choose options from lower cost also.

You just need to fill your current number in the retailer’s form to upgrade at the time of checkout and your number will be automatically transferred to new contract at the time of activation.

It is typically costlier, upgrade to Huawei Honor 20 in comparison to a new contract. 

Leave and Return

Some people do a wiggle solution, if new customer contracts on the existing network are much cheaper than upgrade and it is the only network offering best service in their area. They port there number twice, as first port the number to a PAYG SIM card to some other network and then come back again to their original network to avail benefits of the new customer contract.

FAQ’s Phone Upgrade
  • What happens if I don’t upgrade at the end of my contract?
    • Your current tariff and monthly charges will be continue after the end of contract period, the better option is to take some action like upgrade, switch to PAYG or SIM only plan or cancel your contract entirely.
  • Do I have to return my old phone when upgrading?
    • If you have paid off your phone cost, then you can keep the phone. If you wish an early upgrade before the phone cost is paid off, then you must return the phone. 

What is a cashback deal?

You may have found few upgrade on Huawei Honor 20, inclusive a cashback. It can be redeemable or automatic in nature. It reduces your effective cost of the overall contract but doesn’t effect on your monthly payments. Few retailers may have shown it as discounted monthly line rental but we have shown it separately to make it clearer.

  • Automatic Cashback: as the name suggests, it is paid to you directly by the retailer at the set period of time of your contract.
  • Redeemable Cashback: it is usually higher than the automatic cashback for the same plan offered. But you need to claim it at the set intervals during your contract period. 

We recommend you to clarify all cashback related queries at the retailer’s website, as the terms may vary for different retailers.

How to keep my mobile number?

You can keep your number with the purchase of the phone in either method depending on your current network and the provider of the deal you want to purchase.

If you wish to stay with your existing network, you should go for an upgrade deal.

  • Finished with your existing contract, just call the network to get the lowest upgrade price with the desired phone.
  • Compare the upgrade deals on Huawei Honor 20 with us at the same phone; we are sure you will get a cheaper option.
  • Still the new contract offers might be better than an upgrade, so you can switch to some other network and port your number to that. A fiddly alternative is to switch with some other network with PAYG SIM and switch back to your existing network with the new contract offer.

If you wish to switch your network, you have to PORT your number

As the cheapest deals are always offered to new customers, so you are eligible for that. Grab the best contract on Huawei Honor 20 with us for maximum saving. Below are the steps of porting a number.

  • Order the new phone and make sure you are happy with the delivery.
  • Ask the PAC (Port Authorization Code) code from your existing network.
  • Give this PAC code to your new network to transfer you number to your new phone.
  • Number porting usually takes 15 minutes and exceptionally up to 2 hours of time.
  • As soon as the PORT process will complete, your old contract will be automatically cancelled.

What is a refurbished phone?

Refurbished Huawei Honor 20 is the devices, which were sent back due to any fault or under any exchange plan or any other authorized reason by its previous owner. However these are checked and restored to fully working condition if necessary.

Typically they come without original packing and accessories. To ensure comfort of further users, warranty is added with them. Technically it is a used phone but it is better then bought from any random user.

Based on condition these might be categorized as:

  • Grade A: new looking condition and no major signs of handling.
  • Grade B: may have minor scratches or signs of being used.
  • Grade C: will show signs of being used.

With the brand new phones we also compare cheap offers of refurbished phones. We put an indicator (refurb), within the deal; if no such indicator is present then it’s a new phone.