Huawei P9 rumored to get a 6GB RAM

Huawei has yet not finished with releasing its new devices and with the New Year kicking off, what could be better than to start this year with the announcement of the upcoming P9 handset. Previously, it was in rumors that the Huawei P9 smartphone will be launched sometime in March this year. But now, a new rumor sourced from China by an analyst Pan Jiutang, is claiming that this device will be released at the pre-CES event of the company, scheduled for 5th January.

Huawei P9 rumored to get a 6GB RAM

It is revealed that Huawei P9 will be packing some impressive hardware specifications, one of the notable things will be its 6GB RAM, which is more than what is featured by your standard laptop. The phone will also get a dual rear camera and the memory will most likely be running at DDR4 speeds. However, this handset will feature the same Kirin 950 chipset as its predecessor.

If you remember, there are already reports revealing a smartphone with dual camera. However, the information saying that this device will get a 6GB RAM is leaked newly. The Kirin 950 chip is no hunch when we consider its performance.

Also, there are reports that the Chinese manufacturer will announce three variants of this device just like its predecessor P8 did. Below are the models expected to be released by Huawei under P9 name:
1) P9 Lite, which is a 5 inch device with 4GB RAM.
2) P9, which is provided with a 5.2 inch display and 6GB RAM.
3) P9 Max, which is packed by a 6.8 inch screen and has 6GB RAM.

Please, consider the aforementioned details as the grain of salt as these are yet not confirmed by the manufacturer but are marked on the basis of what we believe will come as a part of the specification for these three smartphones.

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According to the sources, the new models will be incorporated with the dual Exmor IMX2X6 rear camera sensors from Sony. This is an unusual model name for a sensor. It is also reported that these dual camera sensors will get a maximum image resolution of 13MP but unfortunately, there are no details provided concerning the front camera’s maximum image resolution.

Kirin chip is the backbone of performance for almost each mobile device of Huawei. According to the reports, in addition to working on its own custom mobile operating systems the manufacturer is also working on its own custom designed graphics processor. We are hoping to get some good news about this custom GPU during CES 2016. The P9 smartphone is priced at 5,000 Yuan, which makes it equal to $767.83 USD.