Samsung Galaxy A (2017) Series to Feature Water Resistance

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is quick approaching and the event perhaps sport the official declaration of the Samsung Galaxy A (2017) series. In a latest released teaser image for the all-new Galaxy A5, and A3 smartphones indicate on the inclusion of water resistance as one of its prime features
Soon, Samsung will be revealing its Galaxy A (2017) series. While complete details regarding the introduction of the series are still being withheld, a latest released teaser promo for these smartphones is simply causing lots of considerations.

According to a report, the all-new Samsung Galaxy A series possibly sport water resistance that was not added in its prior models. There were rumours that the Galaxy A7 2017 possibly sport both water and dust resistance; however, it seems like the lower models possibly also receive these features depending on the mentioned teaser image.
The promo ad says that it all starts with ‘A’ while displaying water splashes at the bottom of the image. So, we need to hold our breath.
Lots of users got excited as many commented that the Galaxy A series would have been decent if it were dust and water resistant. Even many started thinking when Samsung would officially declare and introduce the new Galaxy A smartphones.

In accordance with another report, a user named Roland Quandt indicated on the promising Samsung Galaxy A (2017) series launch amid the CSA. Well, it’s the ideal even to introduce their new flagship smartphones since many are always on the observance for new mobile devices during the event.

Some reports also proclaim that the all-new Galaxy A series perhaps be officially launched in January, simply weeks after the CES. It remains for being appeared; however, whether or not the whole series will sport water resistance or if just some smartphones in the series will possess this feature.
So, are you excited for this Galaxy A series (2017) launch? What are your expectations? Feel free to share with us.