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Apple AirPods’ Launch Date Delayed, the Wireless Headphones Aren’t Ready For Public Release, Says Company

The future is not ready for coming just yet. Apple has declared that its AirPods, the wireless headphones which the company was set to launch this month, are not ready.

The AirPods were first revealed alongside the iPhone 7 at an event previous month. And the two belonged to the same pitch – only as Apple had done with removing the headphone jack, the AirPods were meant for signaling that the company was prepared for the wireless future.

The AirPods created from the ground up for the new vision of listening of Apple. Not just do they not have wires for plugging into the phone, but also they do not have wires between them either – comprising of 2 little bits of plastic which plug into every ear.

iPhone wireless Airpods

In addition, playing music wirelessly from a mobile, the headphones have specific hardware which enables them connecting to other devices like Apple watches or Macs if they are in range.
However, presently Apple has said that the new wireless earphones are not ready and so will not be going on sale this month.

An Apple spokesperson said that the previous response to AirPods has been great. They do not believe in shipping an item before it is ready and they require a little more time before AirPods are prepared for their clients.
It is still unclear what is wrong with the earphones or when they will be launched.

The news arrives at an intense time for Apple. It was declared just a day before Apple unveils its new MacBook – an event which some thought would add the launch of the AirPods, too – and early after Apple declared its worst outcomes in fifteen years.

As of now, some previous versions of the AirPods have been given out to the journalists. It does not appear that any of these review units have undergone substantial problems.

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What We Expect from Apple at iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7

A media event will be held by Apple on 7th September. Possibly, it will be the biggest technology event of 2016 where we will see the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and a range of headphones for the first time.

A controversy is there that the iPhone 7 will come without a headphone socket. In fact, headphones will be connected via Lightning port or wirelessly. Even, Apple will add an adapter in the box enabling basic headphones to the power port of iPhone 7 for easing this transition.

The event will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in California’s San Francisco. Tim Cook, Chief Executive will initiate the presentation and hopefully it will last for 90-120 minutes.
So, after seeing all rumours, leaks and gossips, here’s everything we expect to see at the launch event:

iPhone 7:
iPhone 7 will be unveiled at this media event and it will feature the same design as its 2 predecessors, saving a prime upgrade for 2017. Aside from the unshapely antenna lines, some of which will be removed, the basic shape, look and size of this smartphone will remain unchanged. Apple iPhone 7 will look little thinner because of the headphone jack’s removal. Even it will come in a black colour that is darker than Space Grey.

Ultimately, Apple will remove the 16GB storage option and it must start at either 64 or 32GB and should be extended up to either 256 or 128GB.
As per rumours, iPhone 7’s Home Button will be touch-sensitive and it will be able to augment the click by itself.
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iPhone 7 Plus:
the iPhone 7 Plus will feature 5.5-inch screen and a rear camera with dual lenses. These dual lenses will be able to work for emulating a perfect optical zoom.
If the 256GB storage option doesn’t come to the iPhone 7, it can come in the iPhone 7 Plus, including the three-pinned Smart Connector also.
Unlike the claims of past rumours, Apple won’t launch the iPhone Pro and even its features will be added to the 7 Plus.

The iPhones will arrive with AirPods, the wireless version of EarPods, which will connect to the Lightning Port.
Beats-branded headphones:
Apple will unveil some new Beats-branded headphones. This new range will include some Lightning and wireless headphones at different prices. So, we expect to see 3 models unveiled on September 7.Fake image

Watch S or Watch 2:
As per latest rumours, we expect the iPhones to come with the new Watch S, which will include GPS, a faster processor and a thinner glass as well.

iOS 10:
Apple will unveil the iOS 10’s final version for its iPhones. New features include revised Notification and Control centres, a new Home app, the capacity of deleting Apple’s own apps etc. iOS 10 can be availed later in September.iOS-10-1

watchOS 3:
watchOS 3 will also get the biggest software update to make it faster and also launching a new Dock for helping to switch between apps easier and faster.

macOS Sierra:
macOS will be also completed for the launch event (7th September). Apart from some performance and visual upgrades, here the biggest feature is how Siri will come to Macs for the first ever time.
So, these are all we can expect from Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event on 7th September.