LG “Play” teaser confirms a new device to be announced at MWC

LG has released the cryptic invitation which reads, something like Play Begins in Barcelona on 21st January. However, we cannot be sure about the meaning of this line officially but we are free to make some guesses. Obviously, the most wanted is a new smartphone from the Korean giant, which is music oriented because the picture has been provided with a music box in the background.

The manufacturer already had a few stereo speakers on its phones but that’s pretty rare. LG Band Play is the latest addition of the smartphone maker, so we can assume a new music service but a high resolution music service is already announced by LG officially back in August last year. This offers a 24 bit 192 Khz audio which is up from the CD quality stuff at 16bit/44.1 KHz.

Another possibility is Music Flow which is the new line of multi room speakers from LG. These were first unveiled in 2014. However, we will need some more guesses to confirm it and this device is expected to get rolled out at MWC event in Barcelona.