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Rumours on Apple iOS 11: UK Release Date and Features Explained

As long as we can remember, App has recently launched a new iOS version in September. Apple uses to do this every year. So this year we are again expecting that the company will follow the same routine and will offer us an impressive new technology, the Apple iOS 11.

UK release date:
We are expecting that the iOS 11 will be released in the month of September 2017. However, it will not be the ultimate version as iOS gets updated daily across the year.

New features of iOS 11:

Until June, we cannot be sure about the features of iOS 11. However, according to some rumours, here we can expect some features on our own wish list.Apple iOS 11• VR support:
According to the latest rumours, Apple will add VR support to its iOS 11. It may be just the latest iPhone which will have the support of VR.

• Dark mode:
A rumour has been heard since many days that Apple is going to launch a dark mode which will offer a dark background in its apps and across iOS. This must help eliminate brightness while utilising your phone in complete darkness.

• Customisable control centre:
It’s not a rumour, yet it’s actually our wish to see on iOS 11. We have used the control centre on Android and we wish to have it with better customisation capability on iOS as well.

• Better Siri:
Virtual assistants have been jumping each other since they seen, but Siri is due for an upgrade. It’s quite capable, yet not that much intelligent and is presently lagging behind Google’s Assistant.

Apple is working to make Siri better and sound more natural. So, we expect to see lots of apps for starting using it.

• Better and simple access to video settings:
It’s really annoying that there are no video recording settings in the camera app. All we want is an easy cycle via some modes in the camera app itself.

So, these are a few rumours regarding the new iOS 11. Are you excited for this launch? Let us know in comments.

Interested in iOS Rumors? Here’s UK Release Date and Latest Features Explained

Are you not waiting for the new iOS? So, welcome here. Apple has announced the dates for WWDC 2017 and hence, it will be then when we will get the Developer Preview of the new iOS 11 and get to see the new iOS 11 operating system.

When will it be hurled in UK? What new features will be there in the new creation? What sort of iPads and iPhones will be able to install and run iOS 11?

2017 is said to be a belter for the company and even for its fans as it is the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone.

Release Date
If Apple follow its custom and usual pattern, we can see that the new iOS 11 will be available to the public in September 2017, post a beta and unveiling of it at WWDC in June 2017. A major update and showcasing of plans will be expected this spring.
As updated on 16th March, 2017 with a prediction that almost 200,000 apps and possibly many more will be plugged in from the App Store when iOS 11

New features

Dark Mode – Like the present night mode, this new Dark Mode will enable you to read your iPhone or iPad more comfortably in low light.

Apple ID – The new iOS 11 will let us have a new Apple ID profile in the Settings menu.

iCloud – The phone shall feature a new iCloud storage breakdown.

App Compatibility – There will be a new section in Settings that will list apps that “will not work with future versions of iOS and that might slow down your iPhone”.

Natural-sounding Siri – Siri now has become better and more useful for it was a fun figure earlier. Apple is now planning to make it sound more human-like.

In addition to these, there will be HomeKit, Safari, Wifi Calling, CarPlay, Widgets, Finger-detecting dynamic keyboard etc.