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Apple iPhone SE will get iPhone 5S design and 4K Video

Apple will unveil a brand new iPhone device on Monday, which is expected to be a modernized version of the previous iPhone 5S model. The rumors now give the final details about this special edition iPhone, iPhone SE. Currently, the latest talk on the street is that the iPhone SE will feature a design which will be extremely similar to the iPhone 5S.

The upcoming iPhone SE will get the same 4 inch display as is available with the iPhone 5S. This will make the upcoming iPhone device a rarity in the mobile world where we always keep our fingers on the screens bigger than 4.7 inch atleast.


There are also rumors claiming a possible iPhone 6 influence to carry over to the iPhone SE. These rumors are now in favor of the expectations for a heavily inspired design from iPhone 5S with boxy body which is not curved. Also, this yet to be announced iPhone device will get the old rounded volume buttons, a metal back with glass on the top and bottom and the power/lock key button on the top.
This iPhone looks almost similar to the iPhone 5S from outside but we didn’t find any equality in the hardware of this smartphone. It is expected to come powered by the latest A9 chipset of the Cupertino’s giant, which is also packed in the iPhone 6S device. There will be a M9 co-processor for Always On Siri, and an NFC chip to enable Apple Pay on this new smartphone.

There will be a 12MP primary camera from iPhone 6S, with a support for 4K video recording. There is also a possibility for live photos to be on board. It will come packed in 16GB and 64GB versions, which is another improvement from the old iPhone 5S smartphone, which had 16GB and 32GB variants. It is revealed that the new iPhone SE will replace the iPhone 5S available with Apple and will arrive at the same price of $450.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini will compete with the iPhone SE

Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini never became official instead of getting rumored few times. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 mini was the last S mini handset to get rolled out from the Korean tech giant. Just like all of its predecessors, this handset was also a bit different from the normal Galaxy S5 phone. Also, none of the S Mini devices come packed with the hardware specs from their bigger siblings. But these come in stark contrast to what is up from Sony for its Z Compact line.

samsung galaxy S7 mini

With this we can expect a complete change in the upcoming Samsung S7 Mini handset. According to the latest reports, Samsung has plans to launch this new smartphone to compete with the upcoming 4-inches iPhone SE handset from the Cupertino’s giant. Apple is expected to introduce its iPhone SE device on 21st March. This upcoming phone will be the first Samsung Mini to come with high end specifications.

Currently, what we know about this phone is a 4.6 inch Touchscreen display with 720 pixels resolution. It is powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset or Exynos 8890 and 3GB of RAM for faster processing. There is a 12 MP primary camera for clicking good quality pictures even in low light conditions. Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini will get 9.9mm thickness and there is also mentioned about some “periscope lens” with 3x optical zoom. However, we are assuming that this accessory will be the one sold separately.

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Apple iPhone SE might allow the manufacturer to play with pricing on older handsets

The analyst of Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray, says that Apple’s iPhone SE will give an opportunity to the Cupertino’s giant to experiment with pricing on its older iPhone devices. Apple is expected to launch this upcoming smartphone by the end of this month, so it’s not far to see the results from it. The analysts are expecting this smartphone to be prices at $450.

As per Munster, this will allow Apple to price its iPhone 5s as its new entry level handset, which might be priced between $250 and $350. This reason is also laid by the analyst J.P Morgan from Rod Hall. The Cupertino’s has been setting the stage for its upcoming iPhone SE smartphone by pulling the previous versions iPhone 4S and iPhone 5C in the countries like India. Apple’s iPhone 4S is priced at $175 USD and has become one of the popular phones in the area.

Apple iPhone 6S

As the iPhone 5c is already gone, so currently the lowest priced iPhone available to the customers is the iPhone 5S, which is priced at $372 USD. This price is after a 50% price cut in the price of this handset in December. We are expecting the new iPhone SE to be launched at a media event which will be held on 21st March by the tech giant.

This 4 inch device will be powered by A9 chip, which can also be found inside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handsets. There are rumors that this upcoming smartphone will also offer Live photos even though it will not get support for the 3D Touch feature. But this handset will support Apple Pay, which confirms that it will get NFC on board. Apple’s analysts Ming Chi Kuo says that the upcoming handset will get 12MP primary camera for clicking better quality pictures even in low light conditions.


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Decline in Apple’s iPhone sales could be more than expected this year

For the first time ever in the history of Apple’s iPhone, they expect to report a year-on-year decline in the sales. Tim Cook, said that, “We do think iPhone units will decline in the quarter”. He added that “We don’t think that they will decline to the levels you’ll talk about”. The iPhone sales showed some growth during the holiday quarter, which was quite remarkable in comparison to other quarter record. The records showed that Apple has sold a record breaking 74.5 million units during the year 2014.

However, the Cupertino’s giant has surpassed this total sales record in 2015 by selling around 74.8 million iPhones. But as per reports until the tech giant has a spectacular three month period from January till March this year we can’t be sure of its success. And if it’s not so we could see a decline in the sales of the company year-over-year.

Recently, Andy Hargreaves, analyst of Pacific Crest Securities, cut his estimate on the earnings of the manufacturer for the quarter. The analyst expects that the total iPhone sales from January till March will be at the low end of Apple’s range. However, this year-on-year decline in the iPhone sales could be for a short period.

We can expect to see some contribution from the upcoming 4 inch iPhone 5se smartphone to increase the revenue of the company in the next quarter. The new design of the next generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets might lead to stronger sales year-on-year. There is a good chance that current quarter is an outline when we talk about the sales of the iPhone year-on-year.

Apple on the other hand has a large number of potential buyers which can make a difference in the given quarter. The iPhone owners sporting an iPhone at the time Apple’s iPhone 6 was released, have not yet updated to a device with larger screen. And these will be the users who will be more inclined towards purchasing the iPhone 5se handset.


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Apple preparing 5.8 inch iPhone device with an OLED screen

According to the Digitimes, the Cupertino’s giant is currently working on a new iPhone model, which is expected to sport a 5.8 inch OLED display. There are a plenty of guesses on when will an iPhone with OLED screen be ready to be launched for the customers in the market. Apple’s analyst Ming Chi Kuo says that this will not happen until the year 2019.

It is revealed by source that we should not expect a 5.8 inch iPhone with OLED screen from the Cupertino giant atleast this year. The source also says that we won’t see such a smartphone from Apple until early 2017. There are rumors that Samsung might supply bulk of OLED panels that are expected to be used by Apple for its next generation iPhone device. LG’s display and Japan Display are also picking up the slack these days.

Apple iPhone 6S

As per reports, this new 5.8 inch smartphone might be named as iPhone Pro. It is believed that Apple will unveil its new 4inch iPhone 5se handset on 21st March, with name iPhone SE. This unit will be powered by A9 chip, which has got a bright score in the AnTuTu’s benchmark results recently. There will be a 12MP primary camera for clicking quality pictures and this phone is also expected to offer Live photos without using 3D Touch.

It will also get the support of NFC and Apple Pay for making payments using your iPhone device anywhere. We can also expect to see a new 9.7 inch version of the iPad Pro with an Apple A9X chip and 4GB RAM for faster processing. The newly rumored iPhone device of the Cupertino giant will get quad speakers and support for Apple’s Pencil and Smart Keyboard.


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iPhone 5se Launch may be postponed

Now Apple has decided to launch its new device Apple iPhone SE and a brand new 9.7 inches iPad Pro on 21 march.
According to the sources, it has been also decided that the event is postponed and Apple will launch its new 4 inch device Apple iPhone 5se at the event. The new device has up dated features and internal components as well. The device has 12 megapixels of camera accompanied with Apple pay.

In fact, the new iPad Pro with 9.7 inches display along with Apple’s pencil stylus and with amazing smart keyboard accessory is even becoming the part of the event. Both the devices will be expected to go on sale after the event day.


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Apple iPhone 5se diagrams shown in new leaks

Apple has plans to roll out a new 4 inch iPhone, which will be a successor to the iPhone 5S handset of the company. We are coming closer to the date when the Cupertino’s giant will roll this phone out. Apple’s iPhone 5S was a big success and the giant generated from its sales that its fans are more inclined towards smaller screens than the bigger size handsets.

As per the reports, a few early schematic diagrams for this smartphone are leaked via a case maker. These leaked diagrams show similar dimensions to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, only the power button is re-positioned. Apple has moved the power button on the upcoming iPhone 5se handset from the top edge to the right upper edge of the body, which is just opposite to the volume keys and physical notification switch.

According to the opinions of the customers, the 4.7 inch display will be more difficult to reach to all the corners of the display. For this reason, it becomes quite difficult to double tap on the home button to bring the user interface elements halfway down to the screen of this handset.

From the diagram, a subtle curvature is also revealed around the device while on the other hand the edges are still flat. The seams between the body and the glass have been curved just like the iPhone 6 handset from the Cupertino’s giant.

As per reports, the upcoming iPhone 5se device will be revealed at an event to be held on 15th March this year. This smartphone will carry the internals of iPhone 6S, live photos, an improved camera and NFC connectivity for making mobile payments. It will be released in a new Rose Gold color option for the customers and will have an internal storage of 16/64 GB. The reports suggest that the new iPhone 5se will carry a price tag similar to the iPhone 5S.


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Apple iPhone 5se to get pink colored model, Silver and Space Gray also inline

Apple’s 4 inch iPhone device has become the subject of rumors for long now. The phone is expected to be unveiled on 15th March, alongside the iPad Air 3 model of the Cupertino’s giant. Recently, there were reports that about 30% of the iPhone users like their 4 inch handset in comparison to the new bigger phones from the company. These users will never compromise with their 4 inch phone to get upgraded to the bigger iPhone 6 devices. Keeping this in mind we concluded that the iPhone 5se is a real device from the company.

However, there was some debate on its naming with sources pointing in different directions but so far the manufacturer is settled to the iPhone 5se. We already know that Apple will release the Silver and Space Gray color options for this handset and now the reports point towards a pink options as well. By pink, we mean a pink color option and not the rose gold available for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handsets.

Pink Ipod
Apple iPod Pink

A report from Japan attracts the exhibitors towards the 81st Tokyo International Gift Show, where this color is compared to the one on the 6th generation iPod Touch and 7th generation iPod nano. Also, it is still not clear whether there will be a gold color option available or not but the rose gold might be reserved for the iPhone 6s.

For specs, the new iPhone 5se will come packed with a 4 inch display, with better viewing angles. This phone will be powered by A8 chip and will various connectivity options such as Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and NFC from iPhone 6S. It will get a camera combo of 8MP/1.2MP count, which can also be found on the iPod Touch device.