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Apple AirPods’ Launch Date Delayed, the Wireless Headphones Aren’t Ready For Public Release, Says Company

The future is not ready for coming just yet. Apple has declared that its AirPods, the wireless headphones which the company was set to launch this month, are not ready.

The AirPods were first revealed alongside the iPhone 7 at an event previous month. And the two belonged to the same pitch – only as Apple had done with removing the headphone jack, the AirPods were meant for signaling that the company was prepared for the wireless future.

The AirPods created from the ground up for the new vision of listening of Apple. Not just do they not have wires for plugging into the phone, but also they do not have wires between them either – comprising of 2 little bits of plastic which plug into every ear.

iPhone wireless Airpods

In addition, playing music wirelessly from a mobile, the headphones have specific hardware which enables them connecting to other devices like Apple watches or Macs if they are in range.
However, presently Apple has said that the new wireless earphones are not ready and so will not be going on sale this month.

An Apple spokesperson said that the previous response to AirPods has been great. They do not believe in shipping an item before it is ready and they require a little more time before AirPods are prepared for their clients.
It is still unclear what is wrong with the earphones or when they will be launched.

The news arrives at an intense time for Apple. It was declared just a day before Apple unveils its new MacBook – an event which some thought would add the launch of the AirPods, too – and early after Apple declared its worst outcomes in fifteen years.

As of now, some previous versions of the AirPods have been given out to the journalists. It does not appear that any of these review units have undergone substantial problems.

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iPhone 7 Plus: How to Use Its Second Camera to the Fullest

iPhone 7 Plus’ second camera is much more appropriate than many users basically think. While combined with the standard 28mm standard optic frame, this 56mm lens aims to create the image with the relevant quality.

Many users and followers think that size contrast is basically what differs the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 7 Plus. Looking thoroughly, the camera is the single element which sets the newest devices of Apple apart.
Many people don’t even know much about the iPhone 7 Plus’ second optical feature. This unit features a pair of 12MP camera which lets the high-quality image integration. Both photo clickers have comparing lenses. One is equipped with a 28mm f/1.8 wide angle optic. Another has a 56mm f/2.8 lens known as telephoto that zooms in on a subject without compromising image quality the way generally digital zoom does.

With its dual camera, Apple is considering a separate approach. The combination tries to settle the greater description of a subject from distant and straighten out the extent data between the 2 lenses via software.

Actually, the 56mm-frame is the 2nd camera. To the uninformed, a level of complication is first connected in activating the higher optic lens. Users have to tap the circle icon on the shutter button’s top, which signifies 1x, after opening the camera mode. If the user touches it, it’ll change the description to 2x range which implies that the second camera is not off.

The viewfinder should be used for zooming above 2x range. An additional option is sliding left, up and down to the right the point over the 1x icon. But, zooming previous 2x range will have a negative effect on the picture quality. Then the camera will only crop the image in real-time instead of receiving a close capture at a subject.
Going too much excessive regarding the second camera’s zoom limit also signifies expanding the pixels, and that’s why there is the first optic lens to give a meaningful balance in arriving up with a quality image. Photo editing apps are in place for addressing this kind of state.

Firstly, a picture is clicked by saving it as an unfiltered sensor data on iOS devices. After that, improvement begins. Then, third-party developers and Apple will experiment with computational photography to create synthesised videos and images. Possibly, this beta phase will be integrated into the next update of the iOS 10.

ios10 downgrade tips

Tips on Uninstalling iOS 10 & Downgrading to iOS 9

Presently, the free iOS 10 upgrade of Apple has been available for some days; however, what if you do not want this new OS on your mobile device?

Users are thankful that it is not too complicated for downgrading to iOS 9 if they do not prefer the latest version.

Before initiating the removal of iOS 10, it’s a good concept to ensure you backup your all data. This can be done through iTunes or iCloud on your computer.

For beginners, you should get hold of the most recent iOS 9 IPSW file. This is generally stored on your computer inside a folder named iPhone Software Updates and comprises of all the important files for reinstalling the software.

For iOS 9, the latest IPSW file is the version 9.3.2. Thus, the file must have a name like Your Mobile Name_9.3.5_Firmware Number_Restore.IPSW.

Downgrading iOS9

But the easy thing starts after you have gotten it. So, follow the steps mentioned below and you will be back running iOS 9 soon in no time:

  1. Connect your iPad or iPhone to your PC or Mac, open iTunes and then choose your device.
  2. Tap the Summary tab.
  3. If you are on a PC, hold down the Alt key, or, if you are on a Mac, hold down the Option key and then tap the Restore button.
  4. Finally, a dialogue box will open, where you will find the IPSW file and you’ll need to choose it. The PC will presently uninstall iOS 10 and reinstall the iOS 10 for you.

During this procedure, ensure the mobile device stays plugged into your PC. It must have downgraded to iOS 9 when it restarts.

iOS10 is described as the biggest iOS launch ever by Apple as the 10th installment of the company is the most important part of the software.

Users find this pre-installed on both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; however, it needs to be downloaded on onto older devices of Apple.

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Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is over £200 More Costly in the UK than in the US

At present, Apple is substantially more costly for the buyers of the UK, following the introduction of the latest iPhone model of Apple.
In the US, the Cupertino company’s top-notch 256GB iPhone 7 Plus prices $949, which works out at £711 at the present exchange price – more than £200 less than the official rate of the UK of £919. The differences of price on the smaller iPhone 7 vary little less with the rates of the US starting at $749 in the US, which works out at only £562.
iphone pricing
The starting rate of the UK for the similar smartphone model is £599 – £37 more than the same price of the US.
When in this year Apple has kept the prices of its handset in order with those of the iPhone 6S when it introduced previous year, it has doubled the storage capacity for every version.
With the 16GB option dumped, this implies that the lowest-rated flagship model is more costly than the previous year.
All of the new handsets of Apple are available for pre-ordering from 9th September in the US and the US with a date of shipping of 16th September.
iPhone 7 banner
As arguably the tech giant dumped the old headphone port from its new flagship iPhones, it launched AirPods, the new wireless earphones.
However, these again work out lesser expensive in the US with a cost tag of $149, which works out at £112 – slightly £37 lesser expensive than the official price of £149 in the UK.

According to consumer association, by paying up to hundreds of pounds more for the similar tech items on sale in the US, UK customers are actually getting a raw deal. Manufacturers must play a fair game and clarify why customers are paying more for purchasing in the UK.


Apple Unveils iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus: UK Price, Release Date, Key Features & More

  • Apple has ultimately disclosed the long-awaited phone of the season iPhone 7, and nearly every leak and rumour have been proven as true.
  • The new Apple flagship is really waterproof, and the bigger model features a superb dual-lens camera with an excellent photographic quality.
  • Arguably, Apple has taken out the headphone socket of its device’s bottom which means you need to think again to choose your headphone.
  • Apple has also dumped the 16GB & 64GB models and launched a new 256GB handset.

Here’s all you must know about the new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 UK release date:

On 7th September 2016, Apple disclosed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at the launch event in San Francisco. The UK customers will be able to pre-ordering the new handsets from 9th September, Friday. And both devices will be available in stores from 16th September, Friday.

iphone pricing

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Pricing:

The iPhone 7 will be available in the UK at a starting cost of £599 for the least expensive 32GB model. The cost of 128GB model is £699 and the cost of 256GB model will be £799.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the least expensive one. The least expensive 32GB model costs £719 in the UK. The cost of 128GB model is £819 and the 256GB model cost a surprising £919.

New iPhone 7 Design:iPhone 7 Design

Both iPhones 7 and 7 Plus are similar in their looks.

The smaller iPhone 7 features a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, whereas the larger iPhone 7 Plus comes with a 5.5-inch display.

The phones’ bodies are made of aluminium and arrive in 5 colours – jet black (high-glossy), black (matte finish), rose gold, gold and silver. The new jet black colour will be exclusively provided on the 128GB and 256GB options.

Removal of antenna lines:

Apple has made a salient design change, i.e. it has removed the plastic antenna lines from its two new devices’ back. Apple just attempted to redesign the back case.

A new Home Button:

Redesigning of the Home Button is done by Apple on the iPhone in order to make the device waterproof. This new Home button is designed to be responsive and durable. It gives more customisable and exact feedback.

Wireless AirPods & Great Sound in new iPhone:

Well, this is the most controversial thing till date that the new iPhone won’t come with a headphone socket.

The new iPhones will be shipped with a couple of wired headphones, which plug into the charging port on the device’s bottom and an adaptor also for users who want to continue their old headphones.

iPhone wireless Airpods

Apple has also introduced AirPods, a couple of wireless headphones, which are available to purchase for an extra £159. These can be connected with both Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 7 with only a tap, as per Apple, and can be seamlessly switched between calls and entertainment.

iphone 7 sound

By replacing the old headphone jack, Apple has included a second speaker to give a better and louder sound for listening music.

New Apple iPhone Specifications:

The iPhone series 7 is featuring a new more efficient A10 chipset, which lets the device run up to 3 times faster than before.

According to Apple, the battery of new iPhone lasts up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6s and the battery of iPhone 7 Plus lasts up to 1 hour longer than the iPhone 6s Plus.

The devices also feature a better graphic performance, thereby; it can support a new level of professional apps and games.

The storage capacity of all iPhones has also been doubled by Apple. So, the new iPhone comes in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB options, rather than 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options.

iPhone 7 Camera:

Both iPhones arrive with upgraded cameras.

iPhone 7 Camera

The new iPhone features a 12MP rear camera with four LED flashlights. The 7 Plus features an extra telephoto camera along with its 12MP camera which provides optical zoom in 2 times and digital zoom up to 10 times for photos.

The camera software will be more updates later this year. In a nutshell, you will soon find the images clicked by the iPhones similar to the images clicked by DSLR cameras.

Water & dust resistant:

iPhone 7 water resistant

Both iPhone devices feature have an IP67 rating. It means that the devices are completely protected against dust and water.

In recent years, Apple has improved the water-resistance feature of the iPhones; however, for the first time, it has unveiled a waterproof smartphone.

So, you must be really excited and waiting for its sale, aren’t you? Pre-order iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus and share us your feedback after you make your purchase.

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Apple Will Attempt to Reboot Sales of the iPhone 7

This week, Apple will try to restart sales of the iPhone after an exceptional recent abatement which has left the smartphone giant experience with falling profit for the first ever time in over a decade.

The tech giant is looking for enticing clients with the popular device’s new version which sports a high quality camera as its prime selling point during fears that the smartphone market has become overloaded.

The iPhone 7 is unlikely to arrive with some radical changes in design which have defined the smartphone.
Instead, Apple will make different changes to the device that it is expected to maintain the reputation of the company for new invention while it is disclosed on 7th September, Wednesday in San

Last month, Apple marked 5 years, since Tim Cook, the Chief Executive replaced Mr. Jobs. The company is trying to raise the unique slide in profit, with the new products’ sales like the Apple Watch of last year.

The iPhone 7 will possibly highlight a new dual-lens camera system able to click images which can competing those of high-end cameras and the deduction of the conventional headphone in exchange for the wireless headphones.

The company’s target is to encourage basic updates of its devices as well as aim to make more from the more than one billion smartphones running its software by selling its services like online storage and music subscriptions and also peripherals like headphones and the Apple Watch.iphone 7

According to Mr. Wood, the launch event of Wednesday could put its aim on music, with the deduction of the headphone port – the iPhone’s staple since it was first introduced – being utilized as a chance of selling higher-margin headphones and a costlier superior quality version of its service of Apple Music Streaming.

Albeit the device has sold more than its rivalry since it was unveiled last year, still the sales have been lowered compared to those of other hit products of Apple.
Apple has not unveiled the amount of Apple Watches it has sold by far; however, analysis pin the calculation at almost 15m – nearly the selling amount of iPhones per month.


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Apple’s Social Mashup: The Tech Giant Finally Joins Twitter Before the iPhone 7’s Launch

Good news for Apple fans!
Ultimately, the tech giant has joined the micro blogging social platform, Twitter, days before the expected launch of the iPhone 7 on September 7.
@apple, the social media account of this organization has been proven as an authentic account by the verification done by Twitter; however, has yet to put up all posts.Apple Twitter

As of now, the company has over 3, 00,000 followers, and the bio easily reads The company’s bio also gives a statement that @apple joined the social giant Twitter in September 2011; however, the account has been unverified till now and has lain dormant also.

The sudden shift is really significant as the tech giant Apple has usually moved away from social channel as a two-way pattern of communication.
In most recent years, Apple has slowly again stepped into the social channels by opening accounts for Apple Music on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram, and especially the Twitter account has been created for iBooks and iTunes.

Additionally, Apple is found active on YouTube also, but doesn’t allow anybody to comment on its posted videos. In fact, Phil Schiller, the marketing head and Tim Cook, Chief Executive also use Twitter.


The organization has even started live-blogging it’s all events on its official site; however, Apple will possibly use Twitter to live tweet the forthcoming event on 7th September, when the iPhone 7 is anticipated to be introduced.
One good deal is that the Twitter background image of Apple features the similar bubble picture used for promoting the launch event of the Apple iPhone 7.

So, we are really excited for this upcoming launch which is going to take place very soon. Stay tuned with us as well as social channels to get more details regarding Apple’s biggest launch event of this year.

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iPhone 7 Plus Spotted on Geekbench, Strong A10 Processor Destroys Snapdragon 820

Apple is really appreciated for keeping all details secret about the iPhone 7. In fact, we still don’t have any certain info whether the device will be named as iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE. The specifications of the device are still unclear to people and the launch is just going to happen very soon. However, recently, the iPhone 7 Plus passed via Geekbench and some excellent scores of the A10 chipset of Apple have been found. The chipset is going to be the best ever chipset made by Apple for the iPhones by far.iPhone-7

Although even the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 will not highlight any extreme changes for its external looks, the internal have already gotten a significant hit compared to the predecessors. With its significant changes, this all new Apple A10 chipset has scored huge numbers on Geekbench.

The iPhone 7 Plus is given 3379 points for its single-core score. If you are not convinced with it, let us tell you the single-core scores of the other high-end chipsets in the market at present:
Snapdragon 820 – 1896 points
Exynos 8890 – 2067.66 points
Apple A9 – 2526 points

In fact, the multi-core scores too have gotten significant improvements in comparison with the iPhone 6s Plus. Well, the iPhone 7 Plus scores 5,495 points compared to 5,511 on the Snapdragon 820, 6,100 on the Exynos 8890 and 4410 on the iPhone 6s Plus.Fake Image

If people will believe these scores, then the iPhone 7 will be certainly the best functioning smartphone in the world. In terms of multi-core and single-core applications, it can simply challenge the Exynos 8890 and the Snapdragon 820. Although there was some lack of creative features on this year’s iPhones, Apple has handled for bringing about a superb improvement in the hardware part. However, at the end of the day, these are actually unnatural gauge and real-world utilization may showcase a difference.

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How to watch iPhone 7’s Launch Event That Will Take Place on 7th September 2016

Again this is the prime time of this year when all tech journalists across the world are invited by Apple for witnessing its latest devices’ launch, and the heavily rumoured iPhone 7 will be the star of this launch event.
Alongside the Apple iPhone 7 and possibly iPhone 7 Plus’ expected launch, we guess we will receive more info regarding iOS 10, probably new Macs and the Apple Watch 2 as well.
We always find live-streams at Apple’s launch events and there are many ways of watching launching videos on your PC or smartphone. Just read on to know how you can watch this Apple launch.iphone-startup-white

The place & time of Launch Event:
Apple’s media event for iPhone 7 will take place on 7th September 2016, Wednesday in California’s San Francisco. The event will start at 18:00 BST in the UK.

How to watch the event on a Windows PC:
Live-streams have been recently made by Apple on Windows PC simpler also, as long as you get Windows 10, as you can utilize Edge Web browser of Microsoft for watching live-stream from the webpage of Apple for this September 2016 event.

In case you don’t have Windows 10, lots of other ways are also there to watch this launch event; however, there are little more complicated.
The extreme way of watching the iPhone 7 launch event live-stream is upgrading to Windows 10. In case you don’t have any plan for installing Windows 10, then there are many ways to view this event on your computer. Using the easy-going VLC media player is one of these ways. In that case, you need to download and install this media player and opening it you’ll get a URL which you need to click to enter the live-stream. This procedure works on Linux too.Apple iphone7 rumored Image

How to watch the event on a Mac:
One of the easiest ways to view this event on 7th September is on a Mac using Safari internet browser of Apple. Opening up Safari, it will direct you to Apple’s event webpage which will host the event’s live video stream.
How to watch the event on iPod, iPad & iPhone:
If you will be viewing the iPhone 7’s launch event on a preceding iPod, iPad or iPhone, then you should ensure it is running iOS 7 or later, browse to Apple’s webpage of the event by opening up the Safari app.
If anyhow you are unable to watch the event video, you’ll find many live blogs with all breaking news on the web.

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What We Expect from Apple at iPhone 7 Launch Event on September 7

A media event will be held by Apple on 7th September. Possibly, it will be the biggest technology event of 2016 where we will see the new iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and a range of headphones for the first time.

A controversy is there that the iPhone 7 will come without a headphone socket. In fact, headphones will be connected via Lightning port or wirelessly. Even, Apple will add an adapter in the box enabling basic headphones to the power port of iPhone 7 for easing this transition.

The event will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in California’s San Francisco. Tim Cook, Chief Executive will initiate the presentation and hopefully it will last for 90-120 minutes.
So, after seeing all rumours, leaks and gossips, here’s everything we expect to see at the launch event:

iPhone 7:
iPhone 7 will be unveiled at this media event and it will feature the same design as its 2 predecessors, saving a prime upgrade for 2017. Aside from the unshapely antenna lines, some of which will be removed, the basic shape, look and size of this smartphone will remain unchanged. Apple iPhone 7 will look little thinner because of the headphone jack’s removal. Even it will come in a black colour that is darker than Space Grey.

Ultimately, Apple will remove the 16GB storage option and it must start at either 64 or 32GB and should be extended up to either 256 or 128GB.
As per rumours, iPhone 7’s Home Button will be touch-sensitive and it will be able to augment the click by itself.
Fake Image
iPhone 7 Plus:
the iPhone 7 Plus will feature 5.5-inch screen and a rear camera with dual lenses. These dual lenses will be able to work for emulating a perfect optical zoom.
If the 256GB storage option doesn’t come to the iPhone 7, it can come in the iPhone 7 Plus, including the three-pinned Smart Connector also.
Unlike the claims of past rumours, Apple won’t launch the iPhone Pro and even its features will be added to the 7 Plus.

The iPhones will arrive with AirPods, the wireless version of EarPods, which will connect to the Lightning Port.
Beats-branded headphones:
Apple will unveil some new Beats-branded headphones. This new range will include some Lightning and wireless headphones at different prices. So, we expect to see 3 models unveiled on September 7.Fake image

Watch S or Watch 2:
As per latest rumours, we expect the iPhones to come with the new Watch S, which will include GPS, a faster processor and a thinner glass as well.

iOS 10:
Apple will unveil the iOS 10’s final version for its iPhones. New features include revised Notification and Control centres, a new Home app, the capacity of deleting Apple’s own apps etc. iOS 10 can be availed later in September.iOS-10-1

watchOS 3:
watchOS 3 will also get the biggest software update to make it faster and also launching a new Dock for helping to switch between apps easier and faster.

macOS Sierra:
macOS will be also completed for the launch event (7th September). Apart from some performance and visual upgrades, here the biggest feature is how Siri will come to Macs for the first ever time.
So, these are all we can expect from Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event on 7th September.