Latest Rumours about iPhone SE 2: Release Date and Upgrade of Storage

On 31st March 2016, the iPhone SE went on sale and since the launch of the iPhone 7, it has been the only iPhone which can be directly bought new from Apple. Here in this post, we will discuss all the latest rumours regarding the release date and the upgrade of the storage of the iPhone SE 2. Just read on to gather more info:

What is the release date of the iPhone SE 2?

We are expecting the iPhone SE 2 to be released in March 2018 in the UK.

With 16GB of storage, the iPhone SE costs £379, or with 64GB of storage, it costs £429. This phone is available in Rose Gold, Space Grey, and Silver colours. That is really cheap for an iPhone, but still quite expensive when you consider that an iPhone SE just costs $160 for making.

iPhone se 2

Many individuals have thought that Apple will declare the iPhone SE 2, the successor to the iPhone SE, nearly one year after its introduction in March 2017, as is the case with the updates of its flagship iPhone.

When Apple declared some new products with the inclusion of the particular edition of new iPad and red iPhone 7, there was no iPhone SE 2. Rather, the company updated the original iPhone SE with the upgrades of storage.

Presently, it is £479 for 128GB and £379 for 32GB a year on from its first launch.

By far, it appeared the iPhone SE would follow in the iPhone 5C’s footsteps as a promising one-off, with KGI Securities’ reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stating that no new iPhone SE will come in 2017.

In accordance with Kuo, this is because the introduction of a new iPhone SE will influence the sales of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, which are down already. A report from Mac Otakara stating there would be an upgrade to the original smartphone turned out for being spot on.

Where it leaves the iPhone SE 2 is a difficult question. Apple might never introduce one but we are expecting for 2018 depending on the comments of Kuo.