Process to enable and edit the keyboard shortcuts on BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv is the first android phone of the company and is recently announced in some more European nations. Previously, this smartphone was available for purchase on the Shop BlackBerry only but now it can also be purchase from a retailer in UK. Today, we will show you how to set up and use the keyboard shortcuts on the Priv handset from BlackBerry.

One of the major features of this handset is the slide out physical keyboard. The hardware buttons are perfect for those who usually spend their days tapping away at emails and reports. However, the keyboard can be used to do more than just writing. For example, the keyboard can be used by you as a quick launch mechanism for applications. This is a trick which has been migrated by BlackBerry from its previous BB 10 OS smartphones. On the other hand, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to turn on/off the Wi-Fi quickly or Bluetooth Certification.


The keyboard shortcuts are turned off by default, however, we will show you the process to turn them on and customize the shortcuts to match your workflow.

Step 1: Long Press the home screen of your BlackBerry Priv.

Step 2: You will be presented with four actions possible, now tap the Settings options. Please note that from these actions presented you can choose to change the wallpaper, add a new widget, or change the icon pack.

Step 3: Now, tap on typing and choose “Use a short press keyboard shortcut”

Step 4: You will be moved back to the BlackBerry’s launcher settings screen, where you will see a new “Keyboard shortcuts” tab.

Step 5: Once you turn on the Keyboard shortcuts, the launcher will automatically assign the actions to some of the keyboard buttons. All these predefined shortcuts will be listed in the new “Keyboard Shortcuts Tab”. To edit a default shortcut make a tap on the letter and then edit the action.

Step 6: If you want to add a new shortcut, then tap the +sign on a blank entry. Note that you will have to tap “All Shortcuts” on the next screen in order to make your choice from the available list of possible shortcuts.

Step 7: BlackBerry Priv has a physical keyboard with 26 different keys, all of which are capable of launching shortcuts. If you need more shortcuts then you should not worry but rather should move back to the keyboard shortcuts screen, where you will notice that there are two tabs available. One of these tabs is for short presses and the other one of for long presses. However, you should always make sure to create a sort of intuitive system while combining the short and long press shortcuts.


BlackBerry takes pride of being first to release monthly Android security updates

After the discovery of stagefright vulnerability last year, Google and some Android manufacturers committed to deliver the monthly security updates on time. This was to make it sure to the users that their phones will never be exposed to any kind of threats.

As soon, BlackBerry launched its first ever Android phone Priv, it also promised to deliver the security update every month on time. Now, there are reports that BlackBerry now takes the pride of being the first OEM to actually roll out these updates. Google started releasing these monthly security updates initially four months ago.


BlackBerry has released a table, which shows that they were the only one to deliver security patches with no delays. The Canadian firm was seen releasing these security patches as soon these were released by Google. This includes the March update as well, which was received by BlackBerry’s Priv phone on 7th March.

According to BlackBerry, other OEM’s have always been late in delivering the monthly security patches for Android. Obviously, as the tech giant currently has only one Android phone so it becomes quite easy for them to roll out the monthly security updates, but this doesn’t mean that we should not appreciate the zeal of the company.

Also, we know that while Google has already rolled out Android Marshmallow several weeks ago but BlackBerry’s Priv is still running the old Android Lollipop. Though, there are reports that an update to the Android 6.0 will also arrive in the coming months. Currently, the Priv model of the company can be brought for $649.


BlackBerry Priv has now received a number of notable software updates

BlackBerry Priv is a solid android smartphone and has now received a number of stock app updates from the manufacturer. As per reports, the keyboard app, the camera app and the launcher are updated to bring some notable improvements.

The keyboard app for this smartphone now comes with a smart prediction engine that can scan through the email and message history to uncover commonly used words. The stock keyboard app will also suggest some names from the contact list on your smartphone. Since this handset comes with a physical keyboard, it only makes sense for the Canadian giant to want to improve on the typing experience.

Blackberry Keyboard

The camera app for this handset is now updated to support slow motion video recording. As per reports, when the slow motion mode is activated it will capture the videos at 120 frames per second. Also, when played back at the usual frame rate of 30 frames per second, the objects in the frame will move at a quarter of their usual speed.


BlackBerry Priv’s competitors already come packed with the slow motion video capture mode. So, its nice to see the Canadian giant bringing it for the users of the Priv phone. Further, the updated camera app for this smartphone includes a performance and stability fixes.

Finally, BlackBerry has updated its Priv phone to receive some new features. Also, the apps installed on the SD card will show up in the launcher even if you the user remove the SD card from this phone. However, you will also feel the presence of a grayed out icon. The launcher will now organize apps in the Recent, Personal and Work categories.