Samsung Requests All Users to Exchange the Galaxy Note 7 Phone Immediately

Samsung Electronics is requesting all customers globally to stop using the Note 7 smartphones urgently and exchange them as early as possible, as many reports of the smartphones catching fire grown even after the global recall of the company.

The call from the South Korean company, the largest smartphone maker of the world, arrives after the US authorities requested for switching the Galaxy Note 7 off and not using or charging it during a flight.

Different airlines around the globe asked travellers for not switching on the big smartphone or putting it in checked baggage, with certain carriers banning the smartphone on the flights.
In a statement, Samsung had urged the users worldwide for returning their existing Galaxy Note 7 immediately and getting a replacement also.

Samsung’s Mobile President Koh Dong-Jin said that they would be asking users for powering down their Note 7 and exchanging them as early as possible. He added that they would be replacing the devices so that the devices could be provided via exchange program as conveniently as possible.

Customers can visit the service centres of Samsung for getting rental phone for using temporarily. In fact, Samsung arranges to give the Note 7 devices with new batteries in South Korea beginning 19th September, but schedules for other nations differ.
Prior this month, Samsung had declared an unprecedented recall of 2.5 million Note 7s globally only 2 weeks after the smartphone was introduced. That move arrived after the investigation of Samsung into reports of fires found that rechargeable lithium batteries made by one of the suppliers were faulty.

Among all countries, the US was the first to take a step following the recall. Even the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the US had requested the phone owners for switching them off and leaving them off. It also said that it was working with Samsung and hopefully it will have an official recall as early as possible.

The safety commission’s recall will permit the US FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for banning all passengers from having the phones with them on flights.

As of now, the Federal Aviation Administration had alerted the flight passenger for not switching on or charging the Note 7 during flights and not putting the phones in their checked bags also.


Images Show the Ugly Aftermath of the Note 7 That Explodes While Charging

This news will disappoint the Samsung lovers. After being proved as the most advanced and creative device of Samsung, presently there is negative news about the Note 7 also. Some genuine images are found that reveal that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded at the time of charging. These images are sourced from China and the device looks original in the images. These images are nothing but really awkward. It really looks such ugly that you would definitely want to throw it out. If you want to know the reason behind the explosion of the Note 7, you must check out these images.

Although Samsung had overconfidence about its Note 7’s superb build quality as well as the utilization of Gorilla Glass 5, some reports also showed that the glass easily got scratches. So, this news is just breaking the confidence of the Note 7.
This misfortune appears to have occurred because of the utilization of the micro-USB to Type-C converter cable utilized only for charging. You should get too much worried as this might have been because of the use of a third-party cable rather than a genuine product of Samsung.

We recommend you to use just genuine products of Samsung to perform different tasks on your phone, with the inclusion of charging. You won’t see the best results if you use the third-party cables for charging. It in fact can burn your phone.

The images show that the phone’s left side has been totally burnt and it can’t be repaired any more. It is to be noted that this is the first ever unlucky accident happened to the Galaxy Note 7.

This actually comes while Samsung have declared that they can’t meet the big demand for the Note 7. So, they just have increased the product to fulfill the demand and are on a high after the huge response from the population.



Some Serious Quality Control Issues are found in Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The all-new flagship of Samsung, Galaxy Note 7 is just launched; however, it is presently facing a lot of criticisms from the users. Separation issues and scuffing under the glass are noticed on the screen.

Report also says that one of the provided units has a loose button. Then it was sent back to the store. As per the unlucky purchaser of the new device of Samsung, he has actually checked online for finding the same experiences.
Samsung is actually popular for having lots of quality control issues. S Pen is one of them, which was previously featured on the Note 5 and there also it was placed in a wrong way.
Note 7 Samsung Galaxy
After many complaints about the issue, Samsung launched an enhanced version that doesn’t allow the S Pen for being stuck inside the phone. Well, this is not sufficient for preventing the complaints against the Note 7.

Basically a big disappointment is that some definite quality control issues are still existing, knowing that the unit costs £755 to £800, furthermore to be a flagship of renowned mobile manufacturer Samsung. For Samsung, the journey actually doesn’t end yet because still there are many rooms for making up the issues that it’s Phablets, particularly the new Note 7, are presently facing.

Samsung is an organization which has a reputation to move above the criticisms and finally recover it. So, we hope that this time also it will get improvement by enhancing all the issues by updating them.

Thereby, the Note 7 is a living example of how challenging and creative phones of Samsung are. However, if these quality control problems still prevail in the upcoming days, it is completely certain that Apple will deal a destructive blow to its reputation by overtaking it.


Tips on Taking Benefits of Always On Display Feature of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy Note 7 has come with the Always on Display’s new version with improved features in order to help users get the most out of this Phablet even when its screen is not on. In this post, we will be discussing how to take the benefit of this feature on the Galaxy Note 7, which will go on sale on 2nd September in Europe.

Avail more information:
The Always on Display helps users check their notifications from apps, for example, song information from music applications and calendars for events. Users can also access essential details like missed calls, date and time.
Now it’s easier for reacting to the notifications of an app launch by easily tapping the notification which is being shown with the new Direct Access feature. This extra function makes it potential for the users for stopping a song, editing calendar details and replying to messages.Note7Glance Screen
Screen-off memo:
For writing a note, you don’t require unlocking your Note 7 or starting the memo application anymore. Rather you can only use the S Pen and then start jotting down, utilising the Screen-off Memo feature. Just pin the note to the Always on Display screen, if you want it for remaining visible like a sticky note on your system which makes you remember the vital events. Just double tap the Memo icon for pinning the note. Likewise, you can store these memos directly in the Samsung Notes app from the Always on Display screen.

Power saving feature:
In spite of displaying necessary information, the Always on Display is power effective because it uses a small amount of battery, lesser than one percent. Additionally, Samsung proclaims for having lessened the power consumption of different elements of the Note 7’s Super AMOLED screen like DDI (Display Driver IC), which consumes a huge amount of the processor, other sensors, and power.
To reduce power consumption, Samsung has utilised a technology which allows users for turning on or off the Always on Display. The Note 7’s accelerometer, RGB light sensors, and proximity decides if the Always on Display requires being turned on or off. For example, if the Note 7 senses that the device is in the pocket, the feature will get disabled.
Additionally, the feature instantly turns off whether the phone’s battery goes under 5% or when a user enables the Night Clock mode that can be availed from the edge display.galaxy-note-7-always-on

A large number of personalisations are offered by the Always on Display feature and from the settings menu, this can be done by selecting from a large range of clock modes and faces, images and calendars. Any image can be used both choosing directly from the Gallery of your smartphone or by downloading from the internet and utilise it as the background of Always on Display. You can also play with other things such as editing font colour and style in order to set your personal signature.
So, now take the most out of these benefits of the Note 7’s screen by getting access to Always on Display feature.