OnePlus 5T vs. Galaxy S8

With the OnePlus 5T, the flagship which never settles can now easily contend with the flagships which truly sell. It needs to be seen if the device which was once an underdog can challenge the champ.

Being the best and highest profile Android flagships around, the Galaxy S8 is a smartphone against which all other devices should be judged and the OnePlus 5T is not at all an exception. Though positioned as a high-end yet relatively affordable handset, the latest device from the popular makers, OnePlus has a lot going for it.
But is the device indeed a match for the Galaxy S8? Read on to check the ultimate review.OnePlus5T Vs Samsung S8

OnePlus 5T vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Price When Reviewed

Samsung Galaxy S8
• 64 GB- £689

OnePlus 5T
• 64 GB- £449
• 128 GB- £499

Key Differences

CategoryOnePlus 5TSamsung Galaxy S8
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1.1 NougatAndroid 7.0 Nougat
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core Adreno 540 GPUQualcomm Snapdragon 835 octa-core Adreno 540 GPU
Display6 inches5.8 inches
Available ColoursMidnight blackMidnight black, arctic silver, orchid gray, maple gold, coral blue
Memory6/8 GB4GB
Storage64/128 GB64 GB
Wireless ChargingNoYes
Primary Camera16 + 20 MP, dual-LED flash12MP, LED flash
Dimensions75 × 156 × 7.3 mm68.1 × 148.9 × 8 mm
Battery3300 mAh3000 mAh

Specifications And Features

There’s no definite winner here on specifications since it completely depends on what you want. The Samsung Galaxy S8 offers its brilliant Infinity Display which makes it stand out in the smartphone market. It has got a curvier, sharper and a microSD card slot. The OnePlus 5T comes with second rear camera lens, bigger battery and extra RAM.

Time for you to decide which of these smartphones you should opt for!

Samsung Note 8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: All You Need To Know

Now that Samsung Note 8 is about to hit the Android market, Samsung fans are perplexed whether they would opt for The Note 8 or go with the Galaxy S8 instead. Wondering which device should you spend your money on? Here is all you need to know!

Now that Samsung Note 8 is about to hit the Android market, Samsung fans are perplexed whether they would opt for The Note 8 or go with the Galaxy S8 instead. Wondering which device should you spend your money on? Here is all you need to know!With its attractive design, improved camera and blistering performance, the Galaxy S8 could be getting some strong competition and wait; we are not talking about Apple’s iPhone 8. If rumours are to be believed, the flagship phone will include exclusive features which are not available on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


So, what’s new on the Samsung Note 8 and should you even wait before splashing your money?Two of the most essential things that buyers should take into consideration at first are the camera experience and screen size. It is these two key areas where Samsung will be improving with the Note 8. Users can get three cameras on the back which will deliver numerous neat features. As far as the screen size is concerned, fans need to wait till further updates.

Prices When Reviewed

Galaxy Note 8 – around £920

Galaxy S8 – around £689

Specifications And Features

SpecificationsGalaxy Note 8Galaxy S8
PerformanceOcta CoreQuad Core
Display5.7 inches5.7 inches
Internal Memory64GB64 GB
Expandable MemoryUp to 256 GBUp to 2 TB
Camera12 MP16MP
OSAndroid 7.0 NoughatAndroid 7.0 Noughat
ColoursGold, Silver, Black, BlueGold
Screen Resolution1080 × 2048 pixels2160 × 3840 pixels
Screen ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass v5, Scratch-resistant glassCorning Gorilla Glass v4
FlashNoYes. Dual Colour LED flash
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 835Qualcomm Snapdragon 830

Now, it’s time for you to decide which smartphone to opt for! Hurry up!


5 exciting new Galaxy S8 features you won’t find on Apple’s iPhone 8

Many latest smartphones will debut all over the world in 2017. From low-end smartphones for growing markets to extremely high-end flagship phones from all of your preferred big-name cellphone companies, all of the bases can be protected this year. Irrespective of what number of phones washes over the worldwide market in 2017, there will only be a handful of gadgets that tech lovers definitely get excited about. Google’s second-generation Pixel phones are actually on that listing. On the very top of this quick listing, there are constantly two smartphone traces that rise above the rest: Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets and Apple’s iPhone lineup.
In 2017, Samsung will launch exclusive Galaxy S8 phones during the first half of of the year. Then, come September, Apple will unveil and release its new iPhone 8 along. None of these devices are reputable yet. On this submit, we’ll check five interesting capabilities coming to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 that will be missing from the iPhone 8 when it launches this fall.
1.Iris scanner
Greater security is always a great thing, and Samsung’s unwell-fated Galaxy note 7 added a completely nifty new safety characteristic. The use of a unique iris scanner, the note 7 allowed customers to unlock their phones and get entry to a special secure folder with an eye scan. The iris scanner could quickly be included with even greater capabilities on Samsung phones, including mobile charge authentication. And if current reviews are accurate, Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S8 and “Galaxy S8 Plus” will both feature iris scanners placed at the face of the phones above the shows.

2. Desktop mode
This new characteristic is an ability recreation-changer for Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S8 phones. word on the street is that the handsets will characteristic an interesting new desktop mode in order to permit a consumer to attach his or her Galaxy S8 to a monitor and peripherals so that it will power a full desktop computing experience. The solution is corresponding to what we noticed within the HP Elite x3, however with one key distinction: nobody wants windows on a cellphone. As people move more and more toward mobile for their primary computing reports, but, Android can most definitely do the trick on a desktop or computer for many customers.

3. Beast mode
Some other new characteristic reportedly headed to Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphones is “Beast Mode,” that is something you truly won’t discover on Apple’s upcoming new iPhones. If rumors are accurate, this unique new characteristic will basically kick the Galaxy S8 into excessive gear and offer customers with the maximum quantity of computing strength possible. This selection will certainly be beneficial for gaming and other useful resource-heavy features

4. microSD card support
Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 lineup will reportedly consist of a microSD card slot to be able to offer microSDXC support up to 2TB.

5. 3.5mm audio jack
Galaxy S8 will have 3.5mm audio track as an additional feature which you will not find in iphone 8.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Set To Be the World’s First Smartphone With 8GB of RAM

The rumours regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 handset is still going on. Even, there is no interval in sight, with the inclusion of during the holidays. An enthusiastic tipster with a good Chinese micro-blogging record while it comes to unveiling the future of top-notch smartphone updates predictions of a huge memory bump and an essential internal storage increase also.

Well, this is not at all the first time you are hearing of the probability that the Galaxy S8 could feature a chart-buster 8GB RAM; however, following encouraging the previous gossip, the inside consent was the redemption effort of the Note 7 would finally settle for just 6GB of the decent stuff.samsung_s8-minAt present, we are again dreaming the bigger and predicting Samsung for doubling down, in addition to moving up from the UFS 2.0 standard to 2.1 speeds. That implies the UFS (Universal Flash Storage) of the Samsung Galaxy S8, possibly completing the 256GB capacity, will be much quicker than anything you have been handling till now.

Nevertheless, it remains for being seen whether maybe the microSD card slot would again leave the comparison, and we are still left thinking whether 8GB of RAM is not excessive. In fact, along with the increment of internal memory storage, you will also find the exciting new powerhouses of Exynos 8895 and 10nm Snapdragon 835 processors.

Well, this is the first time you hear the smartphone could have 8GB of memory. That would be an excellent feat for this phone; however, let us hope it will not affect the battery life.

In order to know more about the S series premium handsets of Samsung, you will need to wait for the official announcement, which could possibly happen either at the Mobile World Congress Event 2017 in February or in April at the New York Event.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumour: Considering The Smartphone as The World’s Fastest One

The race of revealing the most performance effective Android smartphone is on. The South Korean Tech giant Samsung is out for making its next Galaxy unit, the Galaxy S8 as exclusive and extraordinary.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been seen to present basic improvements which include an enhanced camera, a higher screen display, and a curved form. Alongside that, the smartphone giant is also excited about making its products the world’s tenaciously fastest Android smartphone ever made. When Samsung has been ranked among the top digital devices’ manufacturers of the globe, it’s not leaving anything to chance while it comes to efficiently finishing its S8 project. The group has immediately tagged Qualcomm for being its partner in creating the quickest processor.samsung_s8-min
The range of the chip manufacturer’s reputation can no more be avoided. Nearly every Android mobile device in the market these days comprises of a unit of Qualcomm processor. The rise of the Snapdragon 835 set has further strengthened the company’s significance in the online world.

It is being predicted that the 835 will become the fastest core processing device ever made. What manufactures this chipset even more notable is its comprehensive or far-reaching functional coverage.sd_processor

Apart from the fact that Qualcomm launched it as the globe’s quickest, this electronic item also sets its wide-range effect in releasing the smartphone’s complete functionality. Battery capacity is a complementary element considering that power approach is a basic element of the entire performance of the unit.
As of the moment, both Qualcomm and Samsung are ardent in revealing the thinnest processor. With many devices stooping the tiny frame, it is realisable that thin-bodied mobiles must contain tinier hardware parts.

Considering that the Snapdragon 835 will be introduced amid the early quarter of 2017, it is possible that the Galaxy S8 will be accommodating the processor into its system.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours: Release Date, Price, Features, Specifications, & More

Great news for the Samsung lovers! The new flagship of the Samsung, i.e. Galaxy S8 is decided to be one of the biggest smartphone launches of 2017. Here in this post, we will discuss what we as of now know about the new flagship smartphone of Samsung, including its release date, price, features, specifications and more.

UK Release date:
There are still no leaks about the release date of Galaxy S8. But we all know that Samsung favors February or March month. So, it can be predicted with surety that the S8 will be declared at MWC 2017 which will run from 27th February to 2nd March.

Although there are no rumors regarding the price of the Galaxy S8, we can predict that the price for the entry-level model will fall between £550 and £600.

samsung-s8 Comcept

Features & Specifications:
As we have been completely impressed by the previous years’ Samsung devices’ features, it is really exciting to see what Samsung is going to do with the Galaxy S8.

Galaxy S8’s design combines glass and metal together. A removable battery might be there. The quick charging and wireless can’t be holding out as the favorite features here.

The Galaxy S8 is likely to follow the 5.5-inch screen and a 4K display might be a good move for Samsung for including it on the S8. VR is that reason. Since VR is the big growing trend in this year, we would not be amazed to see Galaxy S8 with Quad HD resolution for every eye resulting in a noteworthy improvement.

Dual-cameras have become a standard feature of the latest smartphones and the Galaxy S8 is no different. According to a Chinese source, the S8 will feature dual-lens modules possibly to be manufactured by Samsung Motors.

Some rumors have leaked about the processor of the Galaxy S8, although it is tipped to arrive with the ARM Mali-G71 GPU, which is one of the strongest graphics chips on today’s market. Coupled with the former 4K display rumors, it is becoming obvious that Samsung has VR completely in mind.
The Galaxy S8 is predicted to offer either an Exynos 8890 or a Qualcomm Snapdragon 829 processor. Even it appears that the 2017 processors will be manufactured with a 10nm process. Leaked data displays that ARM is operating on 10nm reference designs and both Samsung and Qualcomm use ARM.
With the present trend of chips at 14nm, the S8 with a 10nm processor will be stronger and energy-efficient. Possibilities are the Galaxy S8 will arrive powered by the next-gen Exynos processor or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor.
Although modems are exciting, the Galaxy S8 could arrive with Qualcomm’s X16 through the Snapdragon 830. When we have the networks for supporting it, we will be able of streaming theoretically a VR event live or downloading movies in a few seconds.

galaxy-s8 -fake

It seems that the USB Type-C could appear on the Galaxy S8. We predict that Samsung could stick with micro-USB for making sure that the S8 is Gear VR-compatible; however, we feel that the VR headset’s new version is likely to come before or with the new flagship phone.
Few rumors also state that Samsung is thinking to remove the headphone jack like Apple did with the iPhone 7.

A patent from last year shows that Galaxy S8 might be running both Android and Windows OS simultaneously. Users can drag files between the two and minimize one as a floating icon using a multi-window type feature. It is also probable for assigning memory and processor cores to every OS.

The dual-boot concept is definitely interesting; however whether this is used or not for the S8 remains for being seen but is, we think, unlikely and would be more suitable for a different standalone product.
Many people are already calling the next Galaxy S smartphone as one of the great smartphones of 2017. And we are all excited to see it. So, stay tuned for more information about the new Galaxy S8.