Microsoft’s 4K Video Game Xbox One S to Hit the UK on August 2

Microsoft first launched the Xbox One S at E3 2016, and since then people have been waiting for it to arrive in the UK. However, this all-new 4K video game of Microsoft is a real match for all-winning PS4 of Sony. And finally, we have a confirmed launching date of this video game in the UK: August 2.

Xbox One S is really important as it’s less expensive than Xbox One. Its slim appearance shows that it can do everything we wanted from Xbox One and in fact more than that.XboxOneS


Here are some reasons why you must buy this console of Microsoft:
– Xbox One S is smaller than the Xbox One and it is 40% smaller in fact, and so it can fit even under your TV without making a scene.

– Alongside its smaller size, it looks more modern and cleaner also. Its better looks won’t make you to hide it out of sight when your friends are around you.

– Let’s face it that we prefer the cleaner video like Blu-Ray content in 4K and this all-new console of Microsoft is coming with 4K video playback.

– Undoubtedly, the Xbox One has been made with a very good controller, but the One S’s controller is going to be better than that.

– Along with 4K, Xbox One S is HDR compatible also and this will improve your picture more with its most significant display technology.

– Unexpectedly, this new Xbox One S is lesser expensive. You are going to get the One S’s 2TB version at just £349 and so, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Microsoft first declared that this new flagship will be out in August; however, finally the organization has confirmed the release date, i.e. 2nd August.
So, if you still have not bought an Xbox One yet, then we must say that the One S will be really a solid and worthy purchase for you from Microsoft.