Google Allo rival to WhatsApp

Google has unveiled its new messaging service last night in its showcase event. The new messaging service named as google Allo. This new instant messaging app will be direct rivalry of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. It even have a ability to understand your typing mistakes and rectification to them as well, this will help the user to use this app in better way to respond the messenger.

  • Allo, it works with Google’s Android operating system as well as with Apple iOS too.
  • It has a line of standard issue messaging function.
  • Allo includes emojis called expressions. The user even can scribble over images as in snap chat.
  • Making use of Google’s intelligence led assistant tool, Allo may also come up with smart replies based on the messages user receive.
  • Like Siri, assistant tool will guide you for dinner, locations, maps or what so ever questions you ask.
  • In case if the user want any sort of recommendation from assistant. Then the user has to type @google while using Allo .
  • It will bring up all the information according to your need.
  • User can even send this information to friends from within the app.
  • According to the sources, ALLO will be available soon, pre-register now!