HTC 10 approved by FCC authority

HTC 10 is now approved by FCC, which makes this phone almost ready for launch. This smartphone is expected to get officially launched on an online event to be held on 12th April. An interesting information from the regulatory authority revealed that there are actually two new models upcoming from HTC with model numbers 2PS6200 and 2PS6500.
However, there are no photos available in the documents which can reveal the looks of this upcoming smartphone from the Taiwanese giant. On the other hand, HTC has requested FCC to withhold the public information disclosure. It is also not clear currently that what will be the difference between these two handsets, but we can guess it to get it network bands support.

As far specs are concerned, this upcoming smartphone from the Taiwanese giant will sport a 5.1 inch QHD Super LCD 5 display. It will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB RAM and USB Type C port. There are also hints that HTC 10 will get a very compelling camera with 12MP count. We can expect this smartphone to come in a variety of colors such as black front with black or silver rear and a white front with white or gold rear.



HTC 10 will go on sale from 15th April

We already know that HTC 10 will be announced on 12th April but now a new leak also gives us an idea about when will this phone go on sale. As per the reports, this device will be released on 15th April in the home country of the Taiwanese giant.
This smartphone will get a design pattern almost similar to the One A9 phone from HTC. It was earlier expected to be announced at the MWC event in Barcelona, where most of the flagship phones have already been unveiled. But then HTC was as usual late with the dates and rumors set an official announcement for March end. However, this date was also delayed to 11th April and now finally 12th April is set as the date for the official announcement of this smartphone.


There are some new rumors claiming that this smartphone will come to stores starting 15th April. However, there are still no details on the pricing of this handset. These reports seem true as with the launch of the One M8 phone, the Taiwanese giant managed to start selling it on Verizon the very same day it was announced.

Since, we got the leaked picture showing #powerof10 this company has been under the leak spree. The most current information leaked by the manufacturer suggests that this phone will come with in-house BoomSound Audio technology. Also, we don’t have any clue on whether this smartphone will sport dual firing speakers or not.

HTC’s 10 will get a 5.15 inch QHD Super LCD 5 display with better quality viewing angles. This handset comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB RAM. There is a 12 MP UltraPixel snapper, which will be very compelling.


HTC 10 comes with a new “Boom Sound” feature

HTC has confirmed that its next generation flagship phone will be officially unveiled on 12th April. This smartphone was initially known as One M10 but is now been named as HTC 10. Today, the company shared some more information about its new handset.


As per a new teaser, this device will get the “Boom Sound” technology from the Taiwanese giant. We know it well that the BoomSound is among the trademark features of the tech giant’s previous flagship devices such as One M9, M8 and M7. All these smartphones are well known for delivering superior sound, with a combination of dual front facing speakers, built-in amplifier and software optimization.

With this new teaser image, the Taiwanese giant is trying to tell that the speakers of HTC 10 have a smaller footprint. These will be as powerful as the ones available in the older One M flagship devices. Apart from the BoomSound, this smartphone is also expected to feature a 5.1 inch or 5.2 inch Quad HD Super LCD 5 display.

There wit will be “World First, World Class, front and back” cameras, which was recently confirmed via teaser. It will come packed with 3,000 mAh battery and 4GB RAM for faster processing speed. HTC has provided it with the latest Android Marshmallow operating system with Sense 8.0 user interface. Just like the other flagship smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5, the HTC’s 10 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip.


HTC 10 will come with Super LCD 5 Display and 3000 mAh battery

HTC 10 is already seen in several leaks and renders, the most recent one was focused on the “World Class” camera. Now, there are reports that the leakster HTC 10@evleaks has revealed some new information about this flagship phone of the Taiwanese giant. It has been provided by a Super LCD 5 display and 3,000 mAh battery which has capacity to last for long hours.


HTC 10 won’t get Windows 10 Model

It seems that we will not see a Windows logo on a HTC smartphone ever again or either anytime soon. The HTC One M8 for Windows released back in the year 2014 was basically a Windows Phone running version of the Android One M8 phone. So, when there were rumors that HTC’s upcoming flagship will get a Windows 10 model, some people thought that the company will pull the same stunt with this phone as well, just like it did with the One M8 in the past.


Although the One M9 did not get a Windows Phone variant but still there were some expectations from the One M10 to come running Windows 10 as well. According to the latest rumors, this upcoming Windows phone model of the Taiwanese giant was to be called HTC 10 and not HTC One M10 anymore. But now there are some leaks from @evleaks, Evan Blass, stating that this smartphone will not get an iteration of the HTC 10 running Windows 10 mobile.

So, we can say that the Taiwanese giant will stay with the Android operating system for its high-end smartphone, at least this year. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-end Windows powered phone then you can go for the smartphone from some other manufacturers who recently announced their flagship phones at the MWC event.