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HTC Announcement: M1 & S1 Android and Nexus Devices Rumoured

In terms of Nexus range, we always find a huge gossip regarding the next incoming Nexus gadgets. This huge buzz includes about its feature, look and definitely its design as well. It was usual up until last year that there would be a new Nexus device by the close of the similar year. Nevertheless, last year it changed while Google determined to launch 2 Nexus mobile phones simultaneously, one from LG and another one from Huawei. As an outcome, there was always a probability that Google would continuously unveil Nexus smartphones in twos. Earlier this year, a sentiment gained while in January a report ultimately succeeded back recommending that in 2016, two new Nexus handsets would appear.

Well, according to the report of January, it was not the most interesting part. In fact, the major parts of the report basically focused on the recommendation that those two Nexus handsets would be manufactured by HTC only. And additionally, the concept of these two new smartphones from the same maker, the way it was HTC, an organization who quite recently had experienced a turbulent 2015 in the mobile world, included in the idea. All things considered, the reports basically came through and these two gadgets were in fact previously assigned with the codenames T50 and T55 supposition to be that one would be a 5.5 inch device and another one would be a 5 inch device.


Presently, an interesting tweet by @evleaks seems to confirm that HTC are functioning on 2 new Android smartphones. This tweet, especially affirms that these two devices are actually being built for Google and they are Android N devices, while these two are not particularly named as Nexus handsets by @evleaks. Thus, the clear supposition is that these two are probably to be the earlier rumored Nexus handsets during this current year. It is also an unfortunate thing that this tweet doesn’t really get involved with much info regarding the actual smartphones and thus, there is no more detail in respect of what the devices resemble or more significantly how they differ from each other. Nevertheless, it is also affirmed by @evleaks that right now they are internally to be identified as M1 and S1.