Huawei P9 will come in four variants

According to the latest reports, Huawei’s upcoming smartphone, P9, will get four variants. Apart from the standard P9 handset from the Chinese maker, the other three upcoming variants will be more budget friendly handsets. We can expect a P9max, P9 Lite and an unnamed variant of the P9 phone. The upcoming P9 max from Huawei is already spotted on AnTuTu.

According to the reports, the unnamed fourth variant of this handset will get slightly larger display, more RAM and internal memory in comparison to the standard P9 phone from the manufacturer. This phone will feature a dual lens rear snapper with 12MP count. If we recall the previous rumors, the Chinese manufacturer has already put a hint on this upcoming dual camera of this smartphone.

It is also revealed by the reports that none of these variants will be unveiled at the MWC event to be held late next year. The sources reveal that Huawei will announce the aforementioned smartphones after several weeks from MWC event, this is also in line with the rumors of March unveiling. Finally, the report also says that none of these upcoming Huawei phones will sport a QHD resolution display.