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Rumours on Apple iOS 11: UK Release Date and Features Explained

As long as we can remember, App has recently launched a new iOS version in September. Apple uses to do this every year. So this year we are again expecting that the company will follow the same routine and will offer us an impressive new technology, the Apple iOS 11.

UK release date:
We are expecting that the iOS 11 will be released in the month of September 2017. However, it will not be the ultimate version as iOS gets updated daily across the year.

New features of iOS 11:

Until June, we cannot be sure about the features of iOS 11. However, according to some rumours, here we can expect some features on our own wish list.Apple iOS 11• VR support:
According to the latest rumours, Apple will add VR support to its iOS 11. It may be just the latest iPhone which will have the support of VR.

• Dark mode:
A rumour has been heard since many days that Apple is going to launch a dark mode which will offer a dark background in its apps and across iOS. This must help eliminate brightness while utilising your phone in complete darkness.

• Customisable control centre:
It’s not a rumour, yet it’s actually our wish to see on iOS 11. We have used the control centre on Android and we wish to have it with better customisation capability on iOS as well.

• Better Siri:
Virtual assistants have been jumping each other since they seen, but Siri is due for an upgrade. It’s quite capable, yet not that much intelligent and is presently lagging behind Google’s Assistant.

Apple is working to make Siri better and sound more natural. So, we expect to see lots of apps for starting using it.

• Better and simple access to video settings:
It’s really annoying that there are no video recording settings in the camera app. All we want is an easy cycle via some modes in the camera app itself.

So, these are a few rumours regarding the new iOS 11. Are you excited for this launch? Let us know in comments.

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iPhone 8 Rumours: Release Date, Price, Key Features and Specifications

Apple just introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; however, we soon have received some rumours for the new handset, which is likely to be the iPhone 8, instead of the iPhone 7S.
Based on previous rumours, it seems that the overall design, features and specifications could get a big upgrade and here we are going to provide all the rumours on the upcoming Apple flagship of 2017.

Release Date:
The handset possibly will release in early September 2017 and will go on sale probably on mid-September 2017.

Although there are no price rumours, the iPhone 8 is probably to cost the same amount to the iPhone 7.

Features & Specifications:

According to latest rumours, iPhone 8 could feature a 5.8-inch screen with a curved AMOLED display and there will be no bezels and home button in the handset.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come with a curved glass back along with some big changes for the handset.

iphone-8-camera Concept

Camera & Battery:
Apple will possibly change the rear camera’s megapixel count from 12MP; however, we don’t expect much from the front-facing camera. The iPhone might be still found with a single lens, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus will probably feature dual lenses.
There is no news on battery’s size; however, Apple might ultimately support wireless charging. With the removal of the headphone jack, being free of wires totally is certainly the next step.

OS & Power:
The iPhone 8 will possibly run iOS 11, with the chip probably called the A11 or the A11 Fusion. The handset is expected to have a power boost, with a faster Quad-core processor alongside 3GB or 4GB of RAM possibly.

Other features:
According to rumours, the iPhone 8 will probably feature an iris scanner, a smart connector, and some new security features.
So, these are all the latest rumours and our expectations regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.