iPhone At Its 10th Anniversary but the Best Is Yet to Come, Says Tim Cook

An event was held on 9th January 2007 at the Macworld where the Steve Jobs launched its first iPhone. It was unveiled on that day. Now it’s 2017 and this phone changed the world it took it to another new level of experience. Users didn’t imagine that they will get a whole lot of features, all in one phone itself.

It was that time of the year when only one smartphone was available in the industry which was Blackberry. The keyboard was not much updated so it has keys along with features like the internet and email access. According to Jobs, iPhone was a widescreen iPod having touch controls, a mobile phone with a breakthrough internet communication.iphoneThe body of an iPhone had a touchpad unlike that of blackberry. So, no need of a physical keypad. It became popular with respect to other devices of the same feature. iPhone celebrates an anniversary of 10 years by selling thousands of the gadgets and became one of the largest valuable companies worldwide

iPhone did a great business in the gadget industry that the revenue generated by the company was more than that of Google and Microsoft. Modern smartphones take inspiration from iPhone because of its unique features. It has become a cultural representation for the analyst and the modern people.iphone-8-conceptAbout the older and newer versions of iPhone:
A total of 11 generations is calculated of this device and Apple has constantly redesigned its smartphone on different occasions. The screen size has also changed apparently. The year 2014 saw the new version on the phone which was more than five inches and named iPhone 6 Plus. It was the first phone of Apple with that screen size. The launching of the App Store was a revolution in accessing millions of apps via Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone around 155 countries. The year 2008 was a successful year for many developers who earned over 60 million dollars. Many app businesses like Uber, Deliveroo and Angry Birds were triumphed due to iPhone.

There are rumours that iPhone 8 might have features including single sockets or ports which enables wireless charging. The advanced decide is known to create some high-quality pictures along with posting on social networking sites and payment of goods via fingerprint.

iPhone is able to set a standard in mobile computing of this decade and starting up its business. Steve Jobs said that the best is yet to come.

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First Impression of Apple iOS 10 Beta: More Convenient, Clearer and Cleaner Makeover

This post is completely going to provide you our first impressions and hands-on preview of Apple iOS 10 Beta.

Apple iOS 10 Preview:

iOS 10 is the latest public version of Apple’s mobile OS for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. Based on the Apple’s showcase of the new features at WWDC 2016, this represents the OS’ first impressions.

Apple iOS 10


Apple has done some significant changes in iOS 10 such as: the notification or the search page reached by swiping from the left of the lock screen, the notification center and the department of the lock screen. Even, Apple iOS 10-equipped iPhone will illuminate its screen and display you the lock screen while you lift it up. It has also done its implementation on superfast second-gen Touch ID.


Apple framed top features which have been changed, redesigned or added:

  1. Messages:

This is the most-used app on iOS. Changes are visual and superficial which include emoji. Now you send emoji opening the emoji keyboard and iOS will scan whether that emoji is equivalent to the text or not.

  1. Removing pre-installed applications:

Apple will help us remove Tips, Stocks and other pre-installed applications from iPhones and iPads.

  1. Home:

This brand new app of iOS lets you control all your HomeKit compatible smart home apparatus.

  1. Scenes:

This feature collects regularly utilized settings for multiple devices under a single button – thus pressing the Good Night button; you could lock the door, turn down the thermostat, and switch off the lights.

  1. QuickType:

QuickType is cleverer than the predictive emojis. If you ask for a contact details, it will find out the relevant number and suggest you that and it can show your appropriate location also. It supports using more than one language simultaneously.

Compatible Devices:

The following iPod touch, iPhones and iPads can run on iOS 10:

– 6th-gen iPod touch

iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S

– iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2

– iPad Pro (12.9-inch and 9.7-inch models), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1, iPad 4

Off course, additionally, every device introduced along with the OS in autumn.

Release Date:

iOS 10’s final release date has not been declared by Apple, yet hopefully it will release in coming 3 months.

iOS beta version is only for app developers and is possibly being riddled with compatibility and bugs issues with third-party apps, which already has been unveiled.

Everybody can join the public version of iOS 10. The public beta will be available for people to download in autumn.


It can’t be say clearly whether iOS 10 will be a placeholder or a groundbreaker. The feature of hiding pre-installed apps is much appreciated and the changes in Messages as well. However, people are actually going to get a lot of fun with the OS.

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Apple iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7 now available for pre-order

Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the brand new 4-inch iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Both the devices will be available on sale starting 31st March. This means the pre-orders will be delivered on 31st March, the same day you will be able to get this phone on physical stores.

The new iPhone SE is a 4 inch smartphone from the Cupertino’s giant, which according to some users is still the best size for a phone. It is also the cheapest iPhone ever, and comes with a base price of $399/€489/£359 for the 16GB variant of this handset and $100/€100/£80 more for the 64GB variant.


Apple’s iPad Pro 9.7 inch which has cometo replace the iPadAir 2, this device starts at $599/€689/£499 for the Wi-Fi only 32GB model. On the other hand, the phone with cellular connectivity will come to you with a price tag of $130/€150/£100. You can also opt for the 128 GB and 256GB storage options and the 256 GB cellular model which is now available for $1029/€1199/£839. The Cupertino’s giant is also providing a Smart Keyboard for $149/€169/£129.

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iPhone 5se Launch may be postponed

Now Apple has decided to launch its new device Apple iPhone SE and a brand new 9.7 inches iPad Pro on 21 march.
According to the sources, it has been also decided that the event is postponed and Apple will launch its new 4 inch device Apple iPhone 5se at the event. The new device has up dated features and internal components as well. The device has 12 megapixels of camera accompanied with Apple pay.

In fact, the new iPad Pro with 9.7 inches display along with Apple’s pencil stylus and with amazing smart keyboard accessory is even becoming the part of the event. Both the devices will be expected to go on sale after the event day.


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Apple pushing iOS 9.2.1 update to its Supported devices

Today, Apple has started rolling out the update to iOS 9.2.1 for all the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices supported by it. The general release for this update has commenced now, following a beta version of iOS 9.2.1. This update went out to the eager testers last month only. In the meantime, another iOS 9.3 beta version has been rolled out for those who are a part of the beta testing program from Apple.
As is implied by the version number, iOS 9.2.1 is not a big release and doesn’t come with any new features but focuses on just the bug fixes, reliability enhancements and performance improvements. This new update includes a fix for the issue which can prevent the installation of an app from completing when the iPhone is using MDM server. Currently, it’s unclear that the battery indicator bug we have reported is fixed in iOS 9.2.1.

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Apple App Store spending crosses $1.1 billion during Christmas

According to the reports, Apple spent about $1.1 billion on the applications and in-app purchases made from the App Store during this Christmas period. This new spending from the Cupertino’s giant smashed all the records of the previous years. These figures were generated from the sales recorded during the last two weeks i.e. upto 3rd January only.

The Cupertino’s giant says that the users have spent $144 million on App store in a single day, thus breaking the records set just a week before the Christmas Day. These figures cover the apps downloaded for both the iPhone as well as the iPad devices along with the add-ons brought for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac Computers.

Apple inc

Apple’s worldwide marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller, said that the app spending by them has topped $20 billion in the year 2015. The sources reveal that the reason behind the increase in sales of apps via the App store is that developers have started improving their apps versions in the previous years. It is revealed that in the recent years developers are looking forward to monetize their apps. This has led to an increase in the development of the premium versions thus increasing the in-app purchases.

This news come weeks before the Cupertino’s giant is about to reveal its sales figures and financial results for the period from September till December. It is expected that they will reveal a record breaking sales for its iPhone devices, despite of the reports revealing that they are forced to cut down their productions due to the slowing demand for the iPhone handset.

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How to free up storage on your Apple iPhone or iPad Devices

Are you running out of space on your iPhone or iPad device? Then, here are the tricks how can you delete the unnecessary junk from your phone and create some extra space for your applications and media in just a few steps.

Delete the apps not used by you any longer:

This is a simple to do thing but is really effective for increasing the storage on your iPhone. Browse through your iPhone or iPad device and find the applications that are no longer of any use to you. Now, tap and hold your finger on them. Tap the mini “X” that pops up in the top left corner of your iPhone to delete them.


If you are not sure that it’s worth deleting an app or not then just head to the settings on your iPhone and then click on General then Storage and iCloud usage then finally on the Manage Storage. Here, you can directly find out how much space is being taken up by it. The Games are likely to use most of the space, with the latest action titles taking up most storage.

Organize your Images:

Google Photos app allows you to store your pictures and videos on cloud for free. To start using this application, just head to the App store and start downloading it. However, you will need a Google account to start using these pictures, so sign up for one if you don’t have it.

Once you are done with it, just make a tap on the menu icon located at the top left of the Google Photos app and choose “Settings”. Then, tap the “Backup and Synchronization” and just turn it on. Now, all the photos snapped by you will be automatically saved to the Google’s cloud, so you can delete them safely from your iPhone or iPad device.

google Cloud

However, it is always recommended to first check your Google Photos account by logging in from some other device to ensure that are safely backed up there because you will never prefer to lose any of your photos in any condition.

You should also enter the settings in your iPhone and head to the Photos & Camera to check out that “My Photo Stream” is deactivated. Otherwise, your iPhone or iPad device will get cluttered with the photos taken using other iOS devices available with you. Another option is to turn off the “Keep Normal Photo”, to make sure that you don’t store two copies of every HDR photo you click with your device.

Just Stream and don’t download:

In UK, it is quite affordable to grab an “AYCE” data contract which enables you to download and browse the internet at no extra cost. Thus, you can also choose to delete the music and video files from your phone and iPad and stream these. There are service providers such as Netflix or Spotify that offer a huge catalogue with the online content that you can enjoy as much as you can. All you will need is an internet connection but beware as you can be hit by the terrific roaming charges if you use it abroad as well.

Change the messaging settings:

If you don’t read the old messages from your iPhone them head to the Settings then Messages and change the Keep Messages value to 30 days. This will automatically delete the messages from your device after one month to free up the space. Also, if you are using any of the third-party apps on your device then these could be eating up your valuable storage. So, you can opt for uninstalling these applications id not required.

Update to iOS 9:


Now, if you have freed up enough space on your phone or iPad just download the iOS 9, which takes less space than the iOS 8 thus providing you with more GB’s to play with.