Apple iPhone 7S Release date and latest rumours

Have you been eagerly waiting for the latest iPhone 7S? You must be excited about the latest news then, isn’t it? Here you will find everything. Below we have covered the latest news about the iPhone 7S– its release date, price, specs and all the latest rumours which you could hope for.

News In Brief

  • What Is It? The next iPhone from the mega-joint Apple
  • When Will It Be Out? Probably in the month of September, 2017
  • How Much Will It Cost? At a price which is as much as the iPhone 7

Release Date
It is expected that the iPhone 7S will be released this September in 2017 along with an announcement date just one or two weeks before the launch. As per the usual practice of Apple, the release date could be a Friday.Apple iPhone 7S

Apple iPhone 7S Specifications And Features


  • 4.7-inch screen
  • Improved Touch
  • A sharper display
  • Glass, plastic or ceramic back


  • A fingerprint scanner on its back
  • A curved glass back

Camera And Battery

  • 3D Cameras
  • A single-lens camera
  • Wireless Charging

OS And Power

  • Improved VR and AR performance

Memory And Storage

  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB and 128GB


It is really difficult to say how much the new iPhone 7S will cost since smartphone prices depend on numerous variables. Thus, there’s every chance that the upcoming device will be as expensive the iPhone 7 and perhaps pricier than that.

If you have always been dead set on buying the next iPhone, then this is worth the wait. Just wait for the official announcement from the smartphone makers to make the final call!

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iPhone 7S Rumours: UK Release Date and Two New Features Explained

Are you waiting for the next year’s iPhone 7S? Well, there are already so many rumours around related to this all-new iPhone for 2017 from the UK release date to its new tech specifications and features.According to some latest reports, this iPhone will come with wireless charging feature and there will be no home button found in this iPhone. Let’s have a closer look to the rumours regarding iPhone 7s’ UK release date and two new features – wireless charging and removal of Home Button.

UK release date:
We’ve seen that iPhone 7 was launched in September 2016, which gives us slight hints regarding the release date of the iPhone 7s. So, apparently, the iPhone 7s can appear in September 2017.iphone
New Features:

1. Wireless charging:
It seems that the wireless charging technology may appear in the iPhone 7s. Apple will bring the capacity of wireless charging to its all-new iPhones, i.e. a wireless pad for charging the phones, somewhat like an inductive charger which basically comes with Apple Watches.
The buyers won’t need to buy this charging pad separately as the iPhone will be already bundled with the wireless charger.

2. No Home Button:
The iPhone 7 has proved us wrong by coming with a Home Button, but it may not happen on the iPhone 7s. We predict the new iPhone’s arrival without a Home Button.Sonavation, a biometric R&D company announced this technological development. This tech would allow Apple run the screen with no cut-out for the Home Button, vertically edge-to-edge. The Home Button could take the similar position but seems only when required, quite like the software keyboard; and for the Touch ID, the technology would be bonded to the screen’s underside at the perfect point.