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Apple Music set to relaunching

Apple inc. is planning to make out some changes in year old music streaming service. Apple is trying to alter the user interference of Apple music to make it more interesting to use. Apple is re launching its music for better plans and as well to integrate its streaming and downloading businesses.

The re launching may even include the online radio service with many other changes. It has been confirmed by the sources that reboot may be unveiled somewhere in June. It has been also decided that to attract customers $10 per month streaming service will be provided.

As Apple customers been attracted by Spotify Company, Apple is trying to reclaim its customers. Apple is still trying to coordinate its employees and start for re launching of streaming and downloading business. So that it can gets its customer back.

“When it comes to software, Apple performs with less elegance than it does when it comes to hardware,” said Colin Gillis, a New York-based BGC Partners analyst.

“Apple Music is underwhelming. They have subscribers because of their platform. If you have that kind of subscriber base, you should have millions of subscribers.”

According to Iovine and other Beats executives, the remedy was obvious: the company should deemphasize iTunes and plow money into the on-demand streaming service that Beats built.

The results will be soon seen in July at the worldwide conference, on the first anniversary of Apple Music. Apple members are positive about the new look and feeling that team work may bring changes and the re launch may be interesting and successful.

“If we compare Apple music to you tube and Pandora and spotify, Apple does not have huge market share “, Russ crupnik, an analyst with Music watch.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the new Apple music re launch will make use of additional 3D touch. It will help to promote the ability to share songs. Moreover, the social connect feature will be same. It has been informed by the sources that more work is done on making simpler album artwork. The updated service includes larger, black, bold text for menus and tabs. It has been also leaked out that there may be some changes in operating system, applications also.

Apple is planning to relaunch iTunes 12.4 for Mac “week ago” with few changes. But now it has been delayed until summer. Apple even claimed that, the company will announce OS X 10.12 accompanied with new version of watch OS at WWDC.


How to copy music to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from your Desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac.

This is a guide that will enable you to transfer your music files to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones from your desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac computer.

Transfer Music Albums from your Mac Computer to the Galaxy S6 phone:
The users of Mac computers should first download the new Android File Transfer app. This application is basically free software that can be used to drag and drop the music files between your computer and the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This app can be easily downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. Once you install this app, it should pop up as soon as you will plug your Galaxy S6 smartphone with you Mac computer. Samsung’s phone can be easily connected to your Mac computer using the micro USB cable. If still the Android File Transfer does not show up, just enter the Launchpad and find this application and then open it up manually.


Once you install this app and open it, you will see the list of directories on your S7 smartphone. You will also find the Music folder just make a double click on it. Now, you are required to just drag the music files and drop these from your Mac to the Android File Transfer windows, which will copy the music album automatically to the Samsung phone.

Transfer Music Albums from your windows PC to the Galaxy S6 phone:
Like the Mac Computer, you don’t need any additional software to copy music files from your Windows PC to the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Just connect your phone with your PC using the USB cable and open the Windows Explorer window. This can also be done by hitting the Windows Key and “E” simultaneously.

Now, scroll down to the “Devices and Drivers” folder and you will find the Samsung S6 phone listed. Make a double click on this icon and then browse to the “Music” folder. If you don’t find your phone listed there, then unlock your phone and check out the notifications bar.

You should find an important notification at the bar. Your phone must be connected as a media device, if it is not so then change it. Find the folder with your music in it on your Windows phone and then simply drag and drop the files that you want to transfer to your smartphone.
Transfer Music Albums from Apple’s iTunes to your phone:
If you want to copy the music from your iTunes to the PC or Mac then you can simply drag and drop these but only if the music albums are already stored on your computer. Else, you can download the Samsung Kies Software and install it on your Mac and Windows PC. This will allow you to simply drag and drop the music albums from iTunes to your Galaxy S6 phone.

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Apple App Store spending crosses $1.1 billion during Christmas

According to the reports, Apple spent about $1.1 billion on the applications and in-app purchases made from the App Store during this Christmas period. This new spending from the Cupertino’s giant smashed all the records of the previous years. These figures were generated from the sales recorded during the last two weeks i.e. upto 3rd January only.

The Cupertino’s giant says that the users have spent $144 million on App store in a single day, thus breaking the records set just a week before the Christmas Day. These figures cover the apps downloaded for both the iPhone as well as the iPad devices along with the add-ons brought for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac Computers.

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Apple’s worldwide marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller, said that the app spending by them has topped $20 billion in the year 2015. The sources reveal that the reason behind the increase in sales of apps via the App store is that developers have started improving their apps versions in the previous years. It is revealed that in the recent years developers are looking forward to monetize their apps. This has led to an increase in the development of the premium versions thus increasing the in-app purchases.

This news come weeks before the Cupertino’s giant is about to reveal its sales figures and financial results for the period from September till December. It is expected that they will reveal a record breaking sales for its iPhone devices, despite of the reports revealing that they are forced to cut down their productions due to the slowing demand for the iPhone handset.