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AnTuTu compares Apple’s A9 and Snapdragon 820 chipset

Recently,  There are reports that the popular benchmark website AnTuTu has posted a new list revealing top ten smartphone chipsets. These are listed as per their score on the CPUand GPU benchmark tests on AnTuTu.

It is reported that the top ranked SoC chipset on CPU test results was the Snapdragon 820 that scored around 136,383 in the test. As per the test scores this latest chipset from Qualcomm outperformed over the Apple’s A9 chip, which scored 132, 657 in the AnTuTu benchmark tests. Also, the chipset from Samsung namely Exynos 8890 was not far behind with a score of 129, 865. This chipset is used by the Korean giant in its latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge phones.


Huawei’s top end chipset, the Kirin 950, scored fifth in the line with an AnTuTu score of 92,746 respectively. This chipset from the Chinese manufacturer left behind Samsung’s Exynos 7420, which is available on the last generation top shelf phones of the Korean giant. The AnTuTu score from Exynos 7420 is recorded to be 86,652 respectively.

Qualcomm’s previous generation high-end SoC chip, Snapdragon 810, stood sixth with an AnTuTu score of 81,049. The Snapdragon 652, Apple’s A8, Snapdragon 650 and Snapdragon 808 rounded out in the bottom half of this list.


The GPU performance from these chipsets is as follows: the Adreno 530 GPU carried by Snapdragon 820 stood at the top position with a wide margin. The score from this GPU was recorded at 55,098 which left behind the 39,104 score for Apple’s A9 PowerVR GT7600 GPU. The Mali T880 MP12 GPU is used with the Exynos 8890 reported to stood as third in the list with the AnTuTu score of 37,545.

As per AntuTu, both the lists use average scores that have been computed after taking multiple tests on them. Overall, the Snapdragon 820 chip from Qualcomm finished on the top of both these lists.


Huawei P9 looks different in new renders, will not be announced on 9th March

MWC is now gone and we have not yet got the next generation flagship phone from Huawei, the P9. A few days ago, the Chinese manufacturer sent out the invites for an event to be held on 9th March in Berlin. This was when we assumed that the company will make its P9 phone official at the event. However, now there are reports that this handset will not be unveiled at the above mentioned date.

According to the latest report from China, Huawei will not unveil its P9 phone on 9th March. It has been confirmed by the unnamed officials of the company that this phone exists and is under works but the project has suffered a few delays. Currently, the company needs to improve some technical issues related to this dual camera handset. Due to this, the release of the upcoming Huawei P9 phone is delayed by a month.

However, no exact date is mentioned but we can are sure that the next generation flagship of the Chinese maker will be announced in the coming months. This source also claims that this smartphone will not get 6GB RAM as was rumored previously. Also, there will be no brans new Kirin Chipset and the maker will use the same Kirin 950 which it used on the Mate 8 smartphone.


Some new renders have leaked out showing the new Huawei P9 phone and these confirm a dual camera setup. These pictures are quite different from the ones leaked out in the last two batches. There is no laser autofocus added to this phone this time and the fingerprint scanner on the back of this smartphone is now made round. However, the rumors showed this fingerprint sensor to be squared in the past.


Further, the positions of the front facing camera and the proximity sensor are also changed. The actual design of this phone is currently unclear, with two different perspectives claiming to be leaked renders of the real phone.
Another rumor regarding the Huawei P9 phone is that a Huawei EVA L09 is certified by FCC and this could be one of the models from the top line of devices from the manufacturer. If this is true, then at least one of the four versions of this device will feature a 2,900 mAh battery as revealed by FCC documents.



Huawei P9 with a metal body and dual camera leaked in renders

Huawei has already confirmed its attending the MWC event this year, with the invites sent out by the manufacturer officially. As per this invitation, the Chinese manufacture will hold an event on 21st February, the same date at which everybody is keeping their eyes. Because Samsung and LG has confirmed to launch their next generation flagship phones, Galaxy S7 and LG G5 on the same day.

Although, the date for Huawei’s press conference is now confirmed but we still don’t have any idea about what announcements will be made at the event.

Yesterday, there was some hint on the possibility for a hybrid laptop which will be called as Huawei Matebook. But before there was any word about the alleged PC offer from the Chinese giant, the upcoming Huawei P9 phone was discussed several times.

Now, the reports reveal a new set of renders which seem to be official have leaked out to further prove the imminent announcement. These official shots provide an insight on the design of this eagerly anticipated smartphone. The renders also provide proof for some of P9’s previously rumored features such as dual rear camera setup and a back mounted fingerprint scanner.

It’s clear from the renders that the upcoming P9 phone will get a metal body and a 2.5 cured screen on the front. From the looks, it’s clear that this smartphone will be offered with various color options such as gold, pink, white and gray.

Huawei’s P9 smartphone will come powered by Kirin 950 SoC chip and 4GB RAM. There is 5.2 inch display, which is not yet confirmed as there are also hints for a 6GB RAM. Also, there are speculations that this handset will get four distinct versions, each with different display and camera resolution.



Huawei will launch Honor 7 Premium Edition soon in Europe

Yesterday, Huawei launched its Honor 5X handset officially in Europe and the phone can be purchased from the official online store of the company in Germany, UK, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands and Portugal.

During the launch event for the event, another device is revealed by the Chinese maker that is expected to get unveiled soon for Europe, i.e. Honor 7 Premium Edition. However, the manufacturer does not reveal anything about the specifications for this upcoming smartphone. But its expected to get an internal storage of 32GB and will come in a retail box with a 9v/2A fast charger.


It is also suggested by Huawei that most of the specs on this upcoming phone will be similar to those available on the regular Honor 7 handset. It will get a 5.2 inch display with 1080 pixels resolution and will get a metal body. Huawei is expected to power it by a Kirin 935 chip and 3GB RAM for faster processing speed. There is a 20MP rear snapper and an 8MP front facing camera for better selfie picture quality. It has a 3,100 mAh battery backup with fast charging.

You will be able to find some more specifications about the Honor 7 Premium Edition from its database listing. As per reports, this phone will come in Europe with Gold and Mystery Grey color options. The price and availability date for this handset are yet to be announced by the manufacturer.



Huawei P9 schematic confirms a fingerprint scanner and dual cameras

Recently, Huawei rolled out its Mate 8 smartphone and the company has already sold out 8 million units of this phone. We got the specifications leaked for this phone sometime in October last year and these were then confirmed by FCC in December. A similar kind of results is expected out from the upcoming flagship phone of the Chinese maker, Huawei P9.

As we know, the successor of the P8 phone is about the get released in a few weeks because of which we are getting more and more leaks and rumors about it nowadays. Today, we have got some information about the P9 handset from Huawei in the form of a leaked schematic. It can be clearly viewed in the schematic that the phone is a big departure from the design of P8 released in 2015.

The Chinese maker has provided this new handset with a physical Home button on the front place under the screen, which has a fingerprint scanner. For this fingerprint sensor only, the software rendered android buttons are let to forgo otherwise this would not have been done. We can clearly see a dual camera setup on the back of the phone with a dual LED flash. There is a sole speaker on the bottom side of this smartphone with the 3.5 mm headset jack.

As per reports, the frame of this device will be made using the metal material but it’s still not clear whether this will be extended to the back as well or will just be a sheet of glass. If we believe the past rumors, Huawei’s upcoming P9 phone will get a 5.2 inch Touchscreen display with 1080 pixels resolution.

There will be a Kirin 950 SoC chip and 3,000 mAh battery backup with good standby having capacity to last for long hours. This phone is provided by a 12MP rear snapper for clicking quality pictures even in low light conditions. We can expect this smartphone to get official at the MWC event in February and will be released to the stores in March.

Huawei P9 rumored to get a 6GB RAM

Huawei has yet not finished with releasing its new devices and with the New Year kicking off, what could be better than to start this year with the announcement of the upcoming P9 handset. Previously, it was in rumors that the Huawei P9 smartphone will be launched sometime in March this year. But now, a new rumor sourced from China by an analyst Pan Jiutang, is claiming that this device will be released at the pre-CES event of the company, scheduled for 5th January.

Huawei P9 rumored to get a 6GB RAM

It is revealed that Huawei P9 will be packing some impressive hardware specifications, one of the notable things will be its 6GB RAM, which is more than what is featured by your standard laptop. The phone will also get a dual rear camera and the memory will most likely be running at DDR4 speeds. However, this handset will feature the same Kirin 950 chipset as its predecessor.

If you remember, there are already reports revealing a smartphone with dual camera. However, the information saying that this device will get a 6GB RAM is leaked newly. The Kirin 950 chip is no hunch when we consider its performance.

Also, there are reports that the Chinese manufacturer will announce three variants of this device just like its predecessor P8 did. Below are the models expected to be released by Huawei under P9 name:
1) P9 Lite, which is a 5 inch device with 4GB RAM.
2) P9, which is provided with a 5.2 inch display and 6GB RAM.
3) P9 Max, which is packed by a 6.8 inch screen and has 6GB RAM.

Please, consider the aforementioned details as the grain of salt as these are yet not confirmed by the manufacturer but are marked on the basis of what we believe will come as a part of the specification for these three smartphones.

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Translated By Google (ScreenShot)

According to the sources, the new models will be incorporated with the dual Exmor IMX2X6 rear camera sensors from Sony. This is an unusual model name for a sensor. It is also reported that these dual camera sensors will get a maximum image resolution of 13MP but unfortunately, there are no details provided concerning the front camera’s maximum image resolution.

Kirin chip is the backbone of performance for almost each mobile device of Huawei. According to the reports, in addition to working on its own custom mobile operating systems the manufacturer is also working on its own custom designed graphics processor. We are hoping to get some good news about this custom GPU during CES 2016. The P9 smartphone is priced at 5,000 Yuan, which makes it equal to $767.83 USD.