HTC U11 vs LG G6

When it comes to Android, both HTC and LG have made a name for themselves. Both these giants have recently unveiled their new flagship phones which are believed to be the smartphones launched for taking the crown from Samsung Galaxy S8. Here in this article, we are comparing both the HT U11 and LG G6. Let’s see if they have all that it takes!

Prices When Reviewed

HTC U11 :- £649

LG G6 :- £649

HTC U11 & LG G6- Which Has The Best Built And Design?

LG has replaced those plug-in bits and pieces of G5 with a gorgeous layout. This design can remove all those bezels, allowing users to have an impressive Quad HD 5.7 inch screen. Further with an aspect ratio of 18:9, G6’S display is taller than the screen size of 16:9 which has not appeared on many phones much.

In comparison, U11 features a somewhat smaller screen of Quad HD 5.5 inch. However, it boasts of an excellent panel due to its amazing dimensions. While HTC U11 boasts of 154 × 76 × 7.9mm, LG G6 bears a dimension of 148 × 71.9 × 7.9mm.

LG G6 is very comfortable since users can single-handedly use it for various tasks. On the other hand, in spite of being a slightly bulkier device, one can easily use it with both hands. With vibrant colours and curvy edges, it is even more attractive than G6. What’s more, thanks to its IP67 rating, you an even submerge it in up to 1m of fresh water for about 30 minutes.

HTC U11 vs LG G6 Specifications and Features

SpecificationsHTC U11LG G6
ProcessorSnapdragon 835Snapdragon 821
OSAndroid Nougat 7.1Android Nougat 7.0
Storage64GB along with micro SD up to 256GB32/64 GB, depending on the region
CameraFront- 16 Mp Back- 12 MpFront- 5 Mp Back- 13 Mp dual camera
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2Bluetooth 5.0
BatteryNon-removable battery, 3000mAhNon-removable battery, 3300mAh

Now, it’s time to decide which smartphone to opt for!


LG G6 coming with Snapdragon 821, waterproof design and Quad DAC

Get ready for an improved Quad DAC audio setup in LG G6.  LG G6 is the 2017 flagship smartphone that will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 processor, expressed in a press release issued by LG on Monday. This confidential information was extracted from a slide containing the hardware specifications of LG G6. LG’s reasoning for this decision has also been detailed for the first time. The main reason being publicized is the unavailability of Snapdragon 835 before late May.LG-G6-FeaturesThe new-fangled 32-bit, waterproof design Quad DAC will be able to manage the left and right channels separately, resulting in better balanced sound. In addition to this, the augmented circuit integration which further decreases the loss of information and lowers down distortion levels to as low as 0.0002% is another stand out feature of this creation. As the name also suggests, LG’s Quad DAC incorporates four DACs in one chip, ultimately reducing the static noise by 50% and the silicon size by a factor of four.

Reports even state that it seemed as if LG didn’t want to wait for the Snapdragon 835’s availability. It also feels that launching a smartphone weeks after the launch of S8 will lead to diminished sales. All this might have led things go for a toss for LG, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeves. The leaked, confidential slide discloses that LG G6 will have a 5.7-inch full vision display. The display will feature a QHD+ resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels in addition to an unusual aspect ratio of 2:1. So, if the LG V20 product was the first smartphone to feature the chip, then the G6 shall produce some excellent sound through the headphone jacks. Let us wait for the handset. It is probably going to be released on April 7.