Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update Brings 10 Best New Features

Happy Birthday, Windows 10!
Celebrating Windows 10’s first ever birthday Microsoft finally releases an anniversary update to its software. Available from Aug 2, this update is totally free and is featuring lots of upgrades to the PC software of Microsoft, with the inclusion of selfie login for apps and websites, and also an unlocked Cortana as well.
Windows 10 Update
Through software updates, the company launches new features, the first of which is not the product launches, but the anniversary upgrade.
Here are the 10 best new features of the anniversary upgrade:

1. Better for Tablet:
Now get better usability on the tablet by the refresh of the Start menu which combines the tiles from Windows 8 with the real Start bar. It means that you don’t require going an additional step for seeing every app on your PC.

2. Get notifications on different devices:
Windows 10 helps you get notifications from iOS, Android and Windows devices direct to your PC.

3. Microsoft Edge extensions:
For engaging more people, Windows 10 anniversary update supports extensions for Microsoft’s Edge browser. They are quite same as Chrome extensions and ones like EverNote, LastPass, 1Password and AdBlock are already available.

4. Dark theme:
Windows 10 anniversary upgrade features an option of using your PC in dark mode, i.e. a black background with white text.

5. Project to PC:
Using this new option in Windows 10 anniversary update, now you can mirror any content on your computer, tablet or a phone to a PC running Windows 10.

6. Windows Hello for apps and websites:
Microsoft is improving Windows Hello which helps you log into your PC with fingerprint scan or selfie, including support for some apps and sites on the Edge browser.cortana

7. Cortana collection:
This feature on Windows Store helps you easily find the apps which work with the intelligent assistant.

8. Cortana improvements:
Cortana, the digital assistant of Microsoft is gaining more improvement in Windows 10 anniversary update. Now it can speak more languages than before, scan your emails and calendar to help you organize your meetings and setting alarms.

9. Cortana unlocked:
In its anniversary update to its digital assistant Cortana, Microsoft has included the capacity of calling for help without requiring for logging into your device.

10. Windows Ink:
This is the best part of Windows 10 anniversary update. It has added Surface Book’s Stylus, with the inclusion of a hub for apps which supports a Snapchat-style app, Sketchpad, and Sticky Notes. It also works with Office, Microsoft Edge, and Maps.
Well, this update is not a complete update. Many other updates will arrive in coming years.