Microsoft Lumia 650 is now official and is bound for Cricket Wireless

Microsoft has now launched its Lumia 650 handset, which is reported to be made for enterprise. This smartphone features a 5 inch display with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution but the remaining specifications are quite lacking. It comes powered by a Snapdragon 212 chipset with a quad core processor under the hood clocked at 1.3 GHz speed. There is a 2,000 mAh battery and 1GB RAM for faster processing.
Now, there are reports that Microsoft has posted a support page for this handset which links it to a user guide for this smartphone. The listing for the guide on the support page mentions the name Cricket. As we already know, Cricket was the first US carrier in the year 2015 to offer Microsoft’s Lumia 640 mid-range phone. And now it looks like Apple is all set to do the same thing with the successor of this handset in 2016 as well.

Thus, Cricket will sell the Lumia 650 phone which is just made official by the tech giant and this confirmation comes from the Microsoft’s official website, from the support page for this handset. Microsoft enables you to download the “Lumia 650 User Guide Cricket” in PDF form from this support page of the Lumia 650 smartphone.

Above information leaves us with no doubt that the newly launched smartphone of the tech giant will be offered by the retailer Cricket. However, where other retailers are already taking pre-orders for this smartphone overseas with 18th February to be the expected date of its release, Cricket on the other hand will start selling the Lumia 650 from April this year.

Microsoft’s phone will be priced at $200 at Cricket and while this model has the latest Microsoft office applications pre-installed. On the other hand, most of the businesses that plan on giving this phone to their employees will purchase it via other available channels. Also, there are reports that Cricket will sell this handset to consumers as a low cost phone which will go along its pre-paid service.


Microsoft Lumia will be rolled out by early February

Microsoft’s Lumia 650 phone was seen in the leaked images for the first time last month end. Now, a new report revealed that the manufacturer will make it official early next month i.e. 1st February. As per reports, the unveiling will be a low key affair. Also, it is revealed that this mid-range handset will get its availability as well as pricing released by next month.

We can expect to get this handset announced in a blog post and not in a dedicated media event. Also, recently leaked smartphones of the company, Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 are cancelled and will not be rolled out by Microsoft at the MWC event this year. Microsoft has announced that this will be the first and last phone from the maker for 2016 and we should not expect any other phone from the company to get rolled out this year. However, the rumored Surface Phone will also be on track though.

Recently, the predecessor of the phone Lumia 640 has received the Windows 10 update which is actually yet to be released for a number of Lumia phones from Microsoft. A recent leak from Europe has revealed that this handset with the new Windows 10 operating system will be priced at $222.


New Microsoft App will inform you if your Lumia phone is eligible for Windows 10 update

The Lumia users are growing impatient these days, as the Windows 10 update is taking a bit longer than expected and is becoming even more longer and confusing affair than ever predicted. Microsoft’s new mobile operating system will not remain reserved for the new offers such as Lumia 950 and Lumia 550 but will be rolled out for the other device from Microsoft as well.

However, initially the phones which were set to be updated to the new Windows 10 by the end last year are now expected to release by early 2016. On the other hand, there is still confusion regarding the exact list of phones that will be receiving the update soon. Also, as everybody seems to release a slightly different list of devices getting the update than was said previously. So, we are assuming that Microsoft can also do something varied from early rumors and to the official carrier announcements.

Recently, the Lumia 535 and Lumia 640 smartphones are now receiving the Windows 10 update being rolled out as an OTA (over-the-air) version. Now, there are reports that the US giant has finally decided to put an end to the whole confusion relating to the Windows 10 update for its Lumia devices. A new app from the manufacturer is under works which will now tell the users whether there phone is eligible for the Windows 10 update or not.

This app called “Dubbed Upgrade Advisor” is designed to be a one stop source for the questions related to the Windows 10 update and a source for the tips on how to prepare your phone for this new firmware from the maker. Most importantly, there is a question in the mind of the users whether their handset is eligible for the update or not. This question will now be put to an end by Microsoft. Microsoft store is already providing the app for downloading but it is still marked as a beta version and is not available for everyone.

At the same time, there are a few known requirements to receive this update which are described here for you. Firstly, the Lumia phone you own should have atleast 8GB internal storage out of which 1.5GB is free as a minimum for the installment process to start. The current software version available on your phone must be 8.10.14219.341 or higher. In other words, the Lumia phone you have should also have the Lumia Denim update already installed. Also, as we know currently, the initial Windows 10 build that is going to be installed to the legacy devices is numbered 10.0.10586.29.