All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note X

The upcoming foldable Samsung Galaxy Note X may have just popped up on Samsung’s support site. Here’s what we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy X release date and features.

What’s a foldable phone?

A foldable phone is exactly just the way it sounds, one that either inward or outward and reveals a tablet-like device when stretched out. This is possible with the use of a bendable OLED panel. Samsung, LG and Lenovo have each showed off bendable devices and displays at various industry events and have registered many patents for the technology. Previously known as Project Valley, Samsung’s technology has now become known as the Samsung Galaxy Note X.Samsung-Galaxy-X

Samsung Galaxy Note X Review
• Slated for 2018 release
• Was initially limited 100,000 units
• Possibly a smartphone/tablet hybrid

Hybrid Design
• Device might be 4K
• 5 inch mobile screen and rumoured 7inch tablet display
• Hinge technology

• 1080p OLED Display
• 386ppi
• Dual camera setup
• Foldable design

Slated for 2018 release
As peer the latest news, the Galaxy X will be launching in 2018. The new details are coming straight from the horse’s mouth itself. It is said that the company will launch its new product once it overcomes some of its problems.

Latest Rumours
For months we have been hearing frequent rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note X, a smartphone which will feature a folding display. The idea is that you will be able to use it as a smartphone and then fold it out to full tablet size by creating a new mobile segment which mirrors the tablet-laptop 2-in-1 hybrids which we have already seen in the computing industry.

Final Verdict
Though the bad news is that Samsung Galaxy’s phone might be very tough to grab, the Note X is a limited-run device. However, it’s for sure that the upcoming device will be one of the rarest phones in the coming year.


Samsung to help Apple make iPhone devices

According to the repots, Samsung has signed a huge deal with Apple which will see it manufacture screens for the company to be used in its future iPhone devices. It is suggested by the sources in South Korea that Samsung will invest $7.5 billion. With this investment, it will cover the costs incurred from increasing its manufacturing capacity for OLED screens. Also, boosting the capacity is quite necessary for fulfilling the order received from Apple.

Samsung is expected to boost its OLED production to 45,000 units per month in 2016 and has also geared up to bring changes to the display technology on its iPhone device. Currently, the iPhone’s are sporting LCD technology but are expected to make a shift to the OLED screens soon. However, the high costs mean it is looking forward to create the OLED screens by its own.


The reports suggest that Apple has already planned to manufacture the OLED at a secret manufacturing unit located in Taiwan. Once, it’s done with experimenting with its own manufacturing unit only then it will begin outsourcing production.

We should not expect Apple to launch an OLED display this year as it will not be launched until 2018. With these reports, its confirmed that the deal between the two giants of the mobile phone industry is expected to continue for long.


Samsung will become primary supplier of OLED panels for iPhone

A number of rumors were surfacing the future iPhone handset, which is expected to come packed with an OLED display. Also, we know that Samsung was to focus on a 4K display for its flagship phone in 2016 but then the company cancelled its plans because of the big assignment of OLED display for iPhone devices. However, we are not sure of this but this is what we concluded from the reports that we received from various sources.

According to the reports, Apple has plans to switch to the OLED display for its iPhone devices in 2018. Here, however we are talking about the preparations going on the production on iPhone scale which are definitely on their way. Currently, the OLED market is being led only a few major players that can only hope to come closer to the order volume required by the Cupertino’s giant. Thus, speculations are holding Samsung as the primary supplier for the OLED display.


Where we are expecting, Samsung to be a primary supplier for OLED to Apple iPhone on the other hand it’s becoming quite impossible to digest the fact that Apple and the Korean giant are into a business deal. The polarized business relationship between the two giant’s has also led to the speculations about enlisting Japan Display Inc. for future iPhone display orders. However, this doesn’t seem that interesting after a new wave of interesting contacts was unearthed.

Until now, there is no official information on the OLED display by any of the involved parties but industry sources claim that a contract is already signed by the two giants. On the other hand, we can only imagine some of the severe non-disclosure clauses that should be included in such kind of document. But to confirm these rumors, the leaksters have tried to back them up with a few numbers.

Also, there are reports that Samsung is planning to invest $6.64 billion to $7.47 billion in its OLED display business. Thus, the company is looking forward to improve the equipment, plant improvements and hire staff which is able to handle the increased production loads. According to the reports, the investment will be broken to an initial $2.49 billion to $3.32 billion this year. This is done to make sure the production of 30,000 to 45,000 OLED displays per month followed by an extra investment of $4.17 billion in 2017 for another 45000 OLED sheets per month.