Google Pixel 2 rumours: UK release date, price and specification

After releasing a series of Nexus smartphones, Google has finally switched their branding from Nexus to Pixel. The Google Pixel 2 will be launching this October and as per expectation, it will be assailed as one of the best smartphones on the market. Specialists are labelling it as Android’s answer to the iPhone 7. The robustness of Pixel 2 is its camera and the brand new Google Assistant.

UK release date rumour:
The major design feature of Google Pixel 2 is it is waterproof. The Pixel 2 is still in the rapid stages of development. This lack of an ultimate design, with the fact that the first Pixel was only released in October 2016, indicates that a Pixel 2 will possibly be released in October 2017. Google Pixel 2UK Price of Google Pixel 2:
Though the starting price of the regular model of the Pixel is £599 and larger XL version is £719. We can expect the SIM-free Pixel 2 to cost over £600. The increased price level for its technology development is highly expected.

Google Pixel 2 at a glance:

• Dustproof and waterproof technology.
• Release predicted late 2017.
• Possible budget handset option.

To respond criticism Google conjecture on changes on the design. These changes will feature in the Pixel 2 smartphone. Regular Pixel phone has many different types of skills and abilities but its look was not outstanding. Through this handset, Google will also offer a budget version.

Rumoured specifications:
Rumours have already started circulating about Pixel 2.The Google Pixel 2’s camera is set to be a focus of the handset, just as the regular Google Pixel. Google is placing importance on high-quality low-light photography. When it comes to specs, the Pixel 2 will no doubt have the latest and greatest components. Design wise, it differs drastically from its predecessor.