Samsung becomes No 1 smartphone maker, selling more phones than Apple

According to the reports, Samsung sold more smartphones than Apple in the last quarter of 2015, thus improving its position in this competitive market. The figures from Strategy Analytics revealed that the Korean giant has sold 81.3 million smartphones in the Q4 last year. On the other hand, Apple sold only 74.8 million smartphones in comparison, as revealed by its official results released earlier this week.

A year back, Apple and Samsung were into neck to neck competition with each other during the Christmas period. Apple released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, and pushed these devices closer to the smartphone from the Korean rival than ever before.


Now, Samsung has opened up with a healthy lead over the Cupertino’s giant, with a total of 22.2% market share while Apple has 16.1% only. However, keeping aside these numbers both the companies have revealed that they will struggle in the coming months. Apple said that it’s expecting to see the first ever decline in the sales of its iPhone device while on the other hand Samsung revealed that its smartphone business profits have slid at the end of 2015.


Google pays £130 million in UK in back taxes

According to the reports, the revenue and customs of the Google and UK tax watchdog Her Majesty have now come to an agreement. This agreement follows a six year open audit of the books of Google. According to the audit report for the period dating back to 2005, Google will pay £130 million as taxes.

As per the latest reports, Google is accused of avoiding taxes in UK. However, it has got some exemption due to the multinational tax structure in Europe. We know that the European headquarters of the company are located in Ireland where the corporate taxes are lower in comparison to that in UK. Also, they are holding some offices in the corporate tax heaven, Bermuda. This has led Google to pay just £20.4 million taxes on the total sales of £3.8 billion made in 2013.


In response to this, Google says that from now onwards it will register a large portion of its sales activity in UK. Also, from now on Google will pay taxes on the basis of the sales made and not on profit, which was the case until now.

According to Matt Brittin, who is the president of EMEA business and operations branch of Google, the company has always followed rules and they will continue to do so.


Google has made $31billion revenue from its Android mobile OS

We know Google never reveals the revenue or profit it makes with its mobile operating system, Android. However, it seems that this secret of Google is now revealed by Oracle. The database maker has filed an attorney in an ongoing lawsuit against Google, where it revealed that a total of $31 billion revenue has been made by the latter. If we believe the lawsuit, then the $22 billion revenue from the total profit made is from Android only till date.

Google says that these figures are derived from the internal financial documents of the company, which are very confidential. Adding to the statement, the manufacturer said that Oracle should not have disclosed this “extremely sensitive information” publicly as it was meant for the Attorney only.

The company said in a court filing that they don’t publicly allocate the revenues and profits to Android separate apart from their general business. The non-public financial data of the company is highly sensitive and if disclosed publicly could have significant negative impacts on the business of Google.

Google, which is a California based company, requested the court to edit the related portions of the public transcript from last week’s hearing. Following this request, the transcript was removed from the electronic court records.

In 2010, the lawsuit accused Google of copyright violation, said that the company has used Java API on the Android operating system without any prior permission. In a reply to this, Google said that API’s can’t be copyrighted but the court ruled otherwise in 2014. This was followed by the search giant taking this battle to the Supreme court, which upheld the ruling from the lower court. Currently, the ongoing arguments are for the damages that Oracle can receive from Google.


HTC shows off its financial report, sales drop by 35%

According to the reports, HTC has now revealed its annual financial report for last year i.e. 2015. These reports reveal a drop of 35% in the sales of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Last year, the revenue of the company stood at NTD 121.68 billion ($3.65 billion), which is down from NTD 187.91 billion reported in the year 2014.

There were reports from HTC last month, that it is making huge profits from one of its newly released flagship devices namely HTC One A9. The revenues from this handset were recording to be US $314.32 million. However, the annual financial reports for 2015 reveal a totally different story for the profits being earned by the Taiwanese giant. For December 2015, the revenue of the company fell 57.08% year on year while on the other hand the November revenue stood at £134.4 million.

Report Publised @HTC Investors

The monthly revenue of the company for the month of November jumped to six month high which led us believe that the One A9 handset might have played an important role in improving its profits. Everybody started expecting that these revenues might go high in December because of the holiday season and the handset being released in some more markets. However, it brings us to surprise that the situation shows completely different results.

Now, the company has set its expectations over the newly announced Vive VR headsets, pre-orders for which will start in February this year.