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Apple’s 33% iPhone devices have 4 inch displays

There are rumors flushing that Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone model in the month of March, with a new iPad and MacBook. However, the fans are not believing these rumors to be true but the recent reports might help you in understanding why the possibility for the reports to be true is more than real.

As per the reports from Mixpanel, about 19% of the fans are still holding on the iPhone 5S device. On the other hand, the original iPhone 5 accounts for 8% sales while the cheaper iPhone 5C and iPhone 4S have 5.4% and 4.2% of the active users.

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It is confirmed from these numbers that out of the total number of iPhone users, one-third are liking the 4 inches display. These are the users that don’t want to compromise their iPhone device for a bigger screen. On the other hand, if you look at the iPhone 4S and older 3.5 inches phones then we get 40% iPhone users who are not using a bigger screen.

We are sure that people should have their own reasons for not upgrading their iPhone handset but the most surprising is because of its bigger screen size. Many don’t want to upgrade to an Apple iPhone because the manufacturer is not presenting them with a device they want. We can also translate this number to a huge demand for the smaller iPhone devices. With this the recent reports revealing an iPhone 5se with a smaller screen make some sense.


Microsoft reports 4.5 million Lumia phone sales for Q4, 2015

According to the latest fiscal earnings report released by Microsoft, the company made only 4.5 million sales from its Lumia phone in the last quarter of 2015. These figures show the sales record down from 10.5 million reported for Windows Phones in Q4, 2014.

Further, this translates into a drop in revenue to 49% in comparison to that in the last quarter of 2014. This number takes us back to the Q3 2012, which was the last time we saw such a few number of sales made by Windows Phones. On the other hand, IDC says that 399.5 million smartphone sales were made in the Q4 2015, which brings the total market share for Windows Phones to 1.1% while to 1.9% to the whole year.


It is suggested from this data that the installed database for the Windows Phones will soon drop down to less than 50 million. And we might see further declines in the market share from Windows Phone in the first quarter this year. Also, we know that Microsoft will not make any significant launches but will only release Lumia 650 in 2016. So, the other quarters in 2016 will be worse with no further launches at all, thus the market share numbers of the company will fractionally lower down approaching to those of BlackBerry currently.


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Apple iPhone sales plateaued, forecasting longer decline

Apple has revealed its sales for last quarter, Q4 2015, which suggest for a record number sales made from iPhone devices. However, if we compare the 74.779 million units sales made in Q4 with the 74.468 million sales made in the same period in 2014 than it suggests that the demand for Apple’s iPhone has plateaued.
Also, the Cupertino’s giant has made a prediction that its overall revenue might fall in the current quarter. The iPhone is expected to make 68% of all earnings for Apple, which suggests that the sales for iPhone are sliding now. Apple first launched its original iPhone around nine years ago in January only.

In a statement, the company said that its expected revenue will fall between $50 and $53 billion during the month of January and March. This record suggests for a fall from $58 billion during the Q1 2015. The Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, told Apple’s investors during a press conference call that he was expected the revenue’s from iPhone units to decline in this quarter.

This reports for a slide in the share price of the Cupertino’s giant, despite the fact that these results are the best ever from the company. It is being suggested that the issues being faced by Apple are the result of the turbulent economic environment in China. According to the reports, in 2015 only 14% growth rate is recorded in China in comparison to 70% reported a year ago.

As always, this time also Apple is not showing the sales figures from its Apple Watch but says that it’s been a great help in driving growth for the company in previous quarter. It is claimed by the analysts that this smartwatch enjoyed a great success during the Christmas period in 2015.

The iPad sales were recorded to be 16.1 million, the credit of which goes to the iPad Pro device. However, the reports suggest that the sales are still sliding down from 21.4 million recorded in 2015.

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Apple App Store spending crosses $1.1 billion during Christmas

According to the reports, Apple spent about $1.1 billion on the applications and in-app purchases made from the App Store during this Christmas period. This new spending from the Cupertino’s giant smashed all the records of the previous years. These figures were generated from the sales recorded during the last two weeks i.e. upto 3rd January only.

The Cupertino’s giant says that the users have spent $144 million on App store in a single day, thus breaking the records set just a week before the Christmas Day. These figures cover the apps downloaded for both the iPhone as well as the iPad devices along with the add-ons brought for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac Computers.

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Apple’s worldwide marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller, said that the app spending by them has topped $20 billion in the year 2015. The sources reveal that the reason behind the increase in sales of apps via the App store is that developers have started improving their apps versions in the previous years. It is revealed that in the recent years developers are looking forward to monetize their apps. This has led to an increase in the development of the premium versions thus increasing the in-app purchases.

This news come weeks before the Cupertino’s giant is about to reveal its sales figures and financial results for the period from September till December. It is expected that they will reveal a record breaking sales for its iPhone devices, despite of the reports revealing that they are forced to cut down their productions due to the slowing demand for the iPhone handset.


HTC shows off its financial report, sales drop by 35%

According to the reports, HTC has now revealed its annual financial report for last year i.e. 2015. These reports reveal a drop of 35% in the sales of the Taiwanese manufacturer. Last year, the revenue of the company stood at NTD 121.68 billion ($3.65 billion), which is down from NTD 187.91 billion reported in the year 2014.

There were reports from HTC last month, that it is making huge profits from one of its newly released flagship devices namely HTC One A9. The revenues from this handset were recording to be US $314.32 million. However, the annual financial reports for 2015 reveal a totally different story for the profits being earned by the Taiwanese giant. For December 2015, the revenue of the company fell 57.08% year on year while on the other hand the November revenue stood at £134.4 million.

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The monthly revenue of the company for the month of November jumped to six month high which led us believe that the One A9 handset might have played an important role in improving its profits. Everybody started expecting that these revenues might go high in December because of the holiday season and the handset being released in some more markets. However, it brings us to surprise that the situation shows completely different results.

Now, the company has set its expectations over the newly announced Vive VR headsets, pre-orders for which will start in February this year.