How to copy music to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge from your Desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac.

This is a guide that will enable you to transfer your music files to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones from your desktop, Apple iTunes or Mac computer.

Transfer Music Albums from your Mac Computer to the Galaxy S6 phone:
The users of Mac computers should first download the new Android File Transfer app. This application is basically free software that can be used to drag and drop the music files between your computer and the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

This app can be easily downloaded by visiting the Google Play Store. Once you install this app, it should pop up as soon as you will plug your Galaxy S6 smartphone with you Mac computer. Samsung’s phone can be easily connected to your Mac computer using the micro USB cable. If still the Android File Transfer does not show up, just enter the Launchpad and find this application and then open it up manually.


Once you install this app and open it, you will see the list of directories on your S7 smartphone. You will also find the Music folder just make a double click on it. Now, you are required to just drag the music files and drop these from your Mac to the Android File Transfer windows, which will copy the music album automatically to the Samsung phone.

Transfer Music Albums from your windows PC to the Galaxy S6 phone:
Like the Mac Computer, you don’t need any additional software to copy music files from your Windows PC to the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Just connect your phone with your PC using the USB cable and open the Windows Explorer window. This can also be done by hitting the Windows Key and “E” simultaneously.

Now, scroll down to the “Devices and Drivers” folder and you will find the Samsung S6 phone listed. Make a double click on this icon and then browse to the “Music” folder. If you don’t find your phone listed there, then unlock your phone and check out the notifications bar.

You should find an important notification at the bar. Your phone must be connected as a media device, if it is not so then change it. Find the folder with your music in it on your Windows phone and then simply drag and drop the files that you want to transfer to your smartphone.
Transfer Music Albums from Apple’s iTunes to your phone:
If you want to copy the music from your iTunes to the PC or Mac then you can simply drag and drop these but only if the music albums are already stored on your computer. Else, you can download the Samsung Kies Software and install it on your Mac and Windows PC. This will allow you to simply drag and drop the music albums from iTunes to your Galaxy S6 phone.


Samsung phones harder to repair, iFixit tears down S7

Samsung’s phones have got more difficult to repair since it has introduced removable batteries and hyper glaze plastic material. The Galaxy S7 phone from the Korean giant got a score as low as 3/10 for user repairability.

On the other hand, the previous generation phones of the company such as Galaxy S6 scored 4/10, while the Galaxy S5 scored 5/10. The hyper glazed Galaxy S4 got a score of 8/10 which made it quite easily repairable. There smartphones have become more and more complex now and are quite harder to repair than earlier. Samsung Galaxy s7 Ifixit

However, there is a good news that the components on the smartphones from Samsung can now be separated and these don’t stuck together to the middle frame like in the Galaxy S6 handset. However, there is a bad news as well that the only way to get access to the internals of Galaxy S7 is by removing the rear glass panel.

Now, heat is required to remove this adhesive which keeps the glass on the back. At this point of time, you should prefer buying an insurance plan for your smartphone as the screen can shatter anytime and the components are expected to fail.



Samsung will release S7 and S7 Edge in 60 countries on 11th March

Samsung’s next generation flagship phone is now officially announced and will be released on 11th March, while the pre-orders of this smartphone will start from 23rd February. Just like the Galaxy S6 series, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be available in many markets around the globe from day one.

As per the Korean publication, Yonhap News, DJ Koh chief of Samsung Mobile Communications has now confirmed that 11th March is the date when these newly launched smartphones will be rolled out in 60 countries including UK, US. All the major carriers are getting ready to release these handsets for their customers soon.

DJ Koh, said that in comparison to the Galaxy S6 handset S7 will bring more sale numbers to the Korean giant. Also, the first month is always crucial for a device to prove itself. In order to boost the sales a bit Samsung is offering free Gear VR headset to all those who choose to pre-order or buy the Galaxy S7 phone starting 23rd February and 18th March.

For the previous flagship model, Galaxy S6, Samsung estimated around 38 million smartphone shipments in 2015. If everything goes well and the company manufactures required units on time then 40 million shipments will be made for the Galaxy S7 handset.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phones are more powerful than the predecessors and offer some new features such as dust and water resistant, always-on-display, microSD card support, liquid cooling technology.


Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Updated to Marshmallow in Poland

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge started receiving Android 6.0 in South Korea around two weeks ago and now there are reports that the update is also rolling out in Europe soon. According to T-Mobile in Poland, this update to the latest Android version is on the way but it’s not yet specified when it will be rolled out to the phone in the country.

As we know, Poland is a place where updates happen first most of the times after the homeland of Samsung. The Galaxy S5 phone from the Korean giant got updated to Lollipop back in December 2014 and Galaxy Note 4 was upgraded directly to the Android 5.1.1 last August.

The tweet from T-Mobile Polska aslo mentions the update for the Galaxy S6 Edge phone but can’t still be sure whether the update will be rolled out earlier this year or will be coming sometime later.