Samsung Galaxy X: The future of smartphone is rumoured to be in your hands in Mid-2017

Smartphones came to us around a decade earlier, and nowadays all of us carry a smartphone. But in this very year, Samsung could release a futuristic foldable smartphone which can make your new smartphone /tablet look ancient. Yes, you heard it right; the new Samsung galaxy X is foldable. After making some bendable devices, Samsung finally decided to make a foldable device with the technology which was previously named as Project Valley but subsequently came out to the world as Samsung Galaxy X. The rumour around the release date is buzzing the market that it may release in the third quarter of 2017. The Samsung Galaxy X can be folded to look like a normal 5-inch phone and it can be stretched to a rumoured 7 or 8 inches tablet, or Samsung can make both variants. This phone was originally meant to be a wallet like fold-in phone, but Samsung finally decided to make it a fold-out phone as the idea of folding out is more user-friendly so that the users’ doesn’t have to unfold it every time.

The screen resolution will expectedly be 4K (3840 X 2160 pixels) to maintain the high-resolution display even when it is folded. This phone is expected to have a dual rear camera to produce a high-quality image, a non-removable battery, a MicroSD slot, and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835. Samsung is most possibly using a bendable OLED panel to make this foldable phone.Samsung-flexible-display-smartphone-promoMany reports are suggesting that this foldable technology is ready but Samsung has decided not to unveil this because of some issues regarding marketability and profitability. This project is also suffering because of some political issues involving president Park Geun-Hye and Choi Soon-sil.

Nevertheless, Samsung is thinking about releasing it to the market in the third quarter of 2017. About a year ago a report came out stating that Project Valley won’t be launched globally but it will be available in some countries like the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, South Korea, France, Poland and the Nordic countries.

Now, all we can do is waiting for this miracle to come out with the possibility of changing the world of smartphones with a bang.