Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Can Project the Display onto Your Hand

Samsung, the smartphone giant has now planned for a better way for projecting its next user interface of Smartwatch to a larger display. Recently, the company has filed a patent application for a wearable projector device, i.e. a Smartwatch which can easily display onto the hand of users, or any nearby surface or a wall.

This South Korean organization is filing its patent with USPTO (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) and this filing describes a wearable projector device which brings users a lot of features by which the shape of your hands can be easily identified. This small Smartwatch additionally makes utilize of a small projector device for beaming its UI on a surface for displaying more information and bigger controls as well.


For example, now by tapping on a virtual dial pad shown on a surface, the users can simply enter their phone contacts. A nifty feature, which equips the Smartwatch, can likewise read a user’s handwriting where the UI projection is done. This smart timepiece also enables users for typing their text with the help of its QWERTY keyboard, which is directed by this small projector device. Above that, by the gadget, users will also be provided with a zoomed-in view of a map shown on this Smartwatch.

Apart from all of these, some more will be made possible very soon, and for that we should thank the camera equipped into the device which is able to detect how the other hand of the users interacts with the virtual UI projector.

Definitely there is no doubt that before this concept from Samsung can come to success; Samsung will need to win a bundle of challenges, like the battery life limitations of the device.

However, if this idea will materialize, the Smartwatch will be made anyhow more indispensable day by day. Surely, it will be a welcome treat for the users if they can utilize their watches for playing video games, sending out and receiving emails and streaming videos. Presently the Smartwatch have a tiny screen and this is why these things are lacking on the current version of this smart timepiece.

Additionally, there is no guarantee that like any other patent applications this new wearable gadget will be succeeded. Nevertheless, it is really outstanding that the company is making a Smartwatch which is not only out of the box, but also interesting as well.

It is for sure that very soon this new Smartwatch equipped with a projector will hit the market. So, are you thinking to shell out your money to buy it? Let us know first.