Three’s new 30GB Tariff is an interesting bit

Three has now launched a new 30GB tariff plan which allows you to share you allowance with other internet enabled devices in your range. In order to share your allowance you can use the “tethering” function of the smartphones, which turns your phone into a portable Wi-Fi device effectively. When your phone is in tethering mode, the smartphones emit a mobile internet connection which can be used to get online with other devices in the range.

This means that you will not be required to rely on a Wi-Fi hotspot connection anymore to share internet with your dear one’s. Also, you are not required to depend on a personal data connection that comes with a monthly fee. Tablets with their own internet connection too come with a monthly fee, which is another bill to pay.


Three and some other networks already offer the customers with all-you-can-eat data allowances but these originally offer only 8GB of tethering. The new 30 GB tariff of the retailer is more significant and frees you up significantly. As per Three, the new 30 GB tariff will let you stream 85 hours of standard definition video, 725 hours of music or browse the web for 1,200 hours.

According to Danny Dixon, the director of customer strategy at Three says “At Three we’re constantly looking to extend the range of different plans we offer, addressing the needs of our customers and consumers, by providing them with as much choice as possible when finding a data plan that’s right for them.”
He further added to the statement that, “The introduction of this new 30GB tariff aims to do just that. It’s perfect for smartphone lovers that don’t want to commit to an All-You-Can-Eat data plan but still want to get the best out of their device and have the peace of mind, without fear of going over their monthly data allowance.”

This tariff plan costs £30 a month for unlimited texts and minutes. It also includes the exclusive benefits of the retailers such as 4G at no extra cost and Feel at Home, which enables you to call the mobile numbers from abroad for no extra charges.