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The Ultimate Guide to unlocking an iPhone using Any SIM Network in the UK

Now unlocking your iPhone in order to use any SIM network in the UK has become very easy. In this article, you’ll find our guide to unlocking an iPhone legally for free. Just read on:

How to unlock an iPhone from EE:
If you have had your T-Mobile, Orange or EE account for around 6 months, and have done the bill payments timely, EE will unlock the iPhone for you. At a cost of £8.99, EE will unlock it and it could take up to 7 days.

How to unlock an iPhone on Vodafone:
Vodafone also needs you to have an account and if your details are available to them, you can directly use Vodafone’s online form. The company will take up to 48 hours to get back to you and at least 10 days for unlocking it. It will cost you £19.99.


How to unlock an iPhone from Three:
Three actually makes things easier. If you have bought an iPhone from its site after 1st January 2014, then your iPhone will be automatically unlocked when you’ll connect it to iTunes or Wi-Fi. Otherwise, you can fill out the online form of Three also.

How to unlock an iPhone on O2:
You need to fill in an online form for unlocking the iPhone if it locked to O2. You can even unlock it anytime if you’re a paid monthly client; however, you still need to finish paying for the remaining of your contract. It will cost £15 and will take up to 72 hours for unlocking the iPhone.

How to unlock an iPhone from Virgin Mobile:
According to Virgin, if an iPhone bought from the company within the last year or so, will be unlocked already; however, some older iPhones might not have this opportunity. Well, you need to update your iPhone to either iOS 8 or iOS 9.

How to unlock an iPhone from Tesco Mobile:
If you have with Tesco Mobile for twelve months or more, and if you have finished your contract, you can get an unlock code from the company for free by calling at 03453014455 and selecting “Unlock Your Mobile” option.

How to unlock an iPhone by Giffgaff:
The handy tool giffgaff helps you measure how you can unlock your iPhone from its network.

How to unlock an iPhone using an iPhone unlocking service:
You can contact your carrier and ask them for unlocking the iPhone. This is named as mobile phone unlocking service. Some retailers arrange the unlock code for a cost of £25. If it’s unavailable, you can find online services also to unlock your iPhone.

After turning back the iPhone on, finish the setup assistant and restore your iPhone from the backup you made. Then you can insert the new SIM card and it’ll start working. So, finally, your iPhone is unlocked!