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Rumours on Apple iOS 11: UK Release Date and Features Explained

As long as we can remember, App has recently launched a new iOS version in September. Apple uses to do this every year. So this year we are again expecting that the company will follow the same routine and will offer us an impressive new technology, the Apple iOS 11.

UK release date:
We are expecting that the iOS 11 will be released in the month of September 2017. However, it will not be the ultimate version as iOS gets updated daily across the year.

New features of iOS 11:

Until June, we cannot be sure about the features of iOS 11. However, according to some rumours, here we can expect some features on our own wish list.Apple iOS 11• VR support:
According to the latest rumours, Apple will add VR support to its iOS 11. It may be just the latest iPhone which will have the support of VR.

• Dark mode:
A rumour has been heard since many days that Apple is going to launch a dark mode which will offer a dark background in its apps and across iOS. This must help eliminate brightness while utilising your phone in complete darkness.

• Customisable control centre:
It’s not a rumour, yet it’s actually our wish to see on iOS 11. We have used the control centre on Android and we wish to have it with better customisation capability on iOS as well.

• Better Siri:
Virtual assistants have been jumping each other since they seen, but Siri is due for an upgrade. It’s quite capable, yet not that much intelligent and is presently lagging behind Google’s Assistant.

Apple is working to make Siri better and sound more natural. So, we expect to see lots of apps for starting using it.

• Better and simple access to video settings:
It’s really annoying that there are no video recording settings in the camera app. All we want is an easy cycle via some modes in the camera app itself.

So, these are a few rumours regarding the new iOS 11. Are you excited for this launch? Let us know in comments.


Acer Teams up with Starbreeze to Make the StarVR Headset

After partnering with Acer, the hardware manufacturer, Starbreeze, the game studio is now thinking for a big pay day on its exclusive VR headset.
At E3 2015, the kit of StarVR was first unveiled, after Starbreeze joined InifinitEye, the French firm. The two organizations have declared a letter of intent for forming a joint investment, by which the Payday developer will be brought closer and ultimately its virtual reality dreams will come true.

Undoubtedly, the StarVR headset is really ambitious. It focuses for taking on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a 130o vertical and 210o view field – nearly double the 110o provided by its main competitors and close to the natural vision range of a human – two 5.5-inch screens of quad-HD and with resolutions of up to 5120×1440. Additionally, it will brag the positional tracking for both peripheral and headset devices.


With a perfect sound of beast, it will possibly for a while be out of the field of the users of home VR, who basically run the extraordinary systems. Primarily, the Starbreeze and Acer partnership will let them collaborate on sales, marketing, and promotion, manufacturing and designing of the StarVR headset to the entertainment and professional markets.

Probably, this implies an aim on events and arcades, more than the computer gamers – at least for starting. Already with the help of Starbreeze, an immersive experience has been created based on ‘The Walking Dead’. StarVR’s high-FoV and high-res optics could serve well the attractions of theme park and its video games.

In a statement, Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze’s CEO said that they had an amazing initiative with StarVR since their launch in June 2015. By joining Acer, they shifted devices but again to place them firmly as the top leader in VR experiences. He also added that Acer was a brilliant, efficient and experienced hardware partner which would accelerate them in knowing and producing a high-fidelity and high-definition VR headset. From day one, they had been working with a clear roadmap for their VR plan, and then they were about to know one of the first prime collaborations they set out for achieving. According to him, StarVR’s future is presently set and really exciting.

Jason Chen, Acer corporate President and CEO added that Acer was excited for the joint venture with Starbreeze to bring the StarVR headset to the market. He included that they were devoting R&D resources around various features of the VR ecosystem for a superior-quality and coherent experience, while only last month Acer declared the strong notebooks and desktops completely-prepared for StarVR. Acer and Starbreeze shared the similar aim of providing premium-quality VR applications, and they looked forward to new VR probabilities unlocking together with that joint venture.

StarVR’s way could be made also to films. At Cannes Film Festival, the Acer partnership goes alongside the ‘Cockatoo Spritz’, a cinematic experience of VR. Wearing a hefty headset will be seen on the movies.